I Have Increased Energy

by B. Affleck
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I find that when I'm well hydrated, my energy levels increase exponentially. It's far more invigorating than caffeine. The trick seems to be to drink far more water than I normally would... I usually drink 1 glass in the morning, but if I drink 3-4 glasses it "fuels" my body with enormous energy.

Also, if I'm even slightly constipated, I can literally drink a glass of water while sitting on the toilet, and FEEL the water going right through me and almost immediately lubing up my intestines and then voila, relief! I've been doing this all week, its remarkable.

Editor's Comment: Thank you for getting in touch with us, Mr Affleck. We presume that might not be your real name...

It is certainly true though that many people find that if they are feeling 'low' or tired, that a big glass of water can often help to perk them up. In these circumstances, the real trick - as far as we can tell - is to really drink the water. Rather than gradually sipping it, really drink a big glass of water quite quickly and it can have amazing powers! The body is mostly water after all.

Speaking from experience, your author drinks a big glass of water immediately after getting out of bed every morning and it really gets the day kick started.

As for your remarks about drinking whilst on the toilet, that isn't a technique that we have heard used before, but if it works for you, who are we to argue? That said, there is quite a lot of research that suggests that water is good for the digestion and the stomach generally.

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