Water Purifier Reviews

How To Choose The Best Water Purifier For Your Needs

Water purifier reviews can be a great help to anyone who is interested in buying a water purifier for the first time.

Now that home water purification has reached such vast popularity more and more companies have been manufacturing them, so trying to select the right water purifier can feel like wading through a sea of different devices, each with different features and purification methods.

To find the water purifier that best suits your needs, it is a good idea to read water purifier reviews of the different types of devices you are considering. Not all water purifiers are alike, and neither are all methods of purifying water. For example, you would not choose the same water purifier for your home as you would for your RV, and for backpacking you would need a portable unit that is capable of purifying water from questionable sources.

The first step is to determine exactly what you will be using the water purifier for, then focus on reading water purifier reviews of that specific type of device. For households, there are several choices.

Typically, the purpose of a household water purifier is to improve the taste and quality of municipal or well water by removing common impurities such as chlorine and various metals. Because municipal water is already treated and disinfected before it reaches your home, you usually don’t have to worry about contamination from dangerous viruses and bacteria, so your primary concerns are taste and low levels of toxins.

For this, a carbon-based water filter will do the job nicely, and will even remove many types of bacteria if they happen to be present. You can install an under-sink model or if you prefer, choose from one of the many water purifier pitchers on the market. For this type of filter, there isn’t a lot of difference from one brand to another aside from design.

Carbon filters are a simple and cost effective way to improve the quality of your household water, but if you want a higher level of purification, you may opt for a distiller or a reverse osmosis system. These systems are more expensive, but they remove a wider range of contaminants than a carbon filter alone, including bacteria and viruses. They are useful in areas where the quality of the water supply is uncertain, or when boil water advisories are in effect.

For travellers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts, there is a vast array of water purification options available that are designed for use with unclean water sources. Filtered water bottles and drinking straws are light and portable methods of purifying water, and there is even an innovative ultraviolet light stick called a Steri-pen that can sterilize water just by dipping it in the water. Portable reverse osmosis units and ceramic micro filters are available in various sizes that can produce larger amounts of clean water.

Water purifier reviews of these many devices can give you an idea which ones are most popular with other consumers, and help you decide which ones would be right for you.

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