Is The Kenmore Water Purifier For You?

Kenmore, Sears’ flagship brand of appliances, has been around for years, and this trusted brand can be found on everything from washing machines to refrigerators. It therefore makes sense that a Kenmore water purifier would also be a popular item with consumers.

The Kenmore water purifier line known as “Waterwise” is unique because they are actually water distillers rather than just filters. These handy units are compact and portable countertop models with an output capacity of up to 6 gallons of purified water per day, which can accommodate a family of 6.

One of these distillers is extremely useful in households that have babies, because it enables you to have a ready supply of purified water for mixing baby formula, already cooled to a usable temperature. The Waterwise distiller is as easy to use as a coffee machine, and takes up about the same amount of space on your countertop. No installation is required with this unit; simply fill the boiler and then plug the unit in and press the start button.

It takes just one hour to produce 1 gallon of water, and the handy collector jug that comes with the unit can be removed and stored in the refrigerator. Additional jugs can be purchased, so that you can always have a jug cooling in the fridge while the distiller is making more. The programmable 8800 series can be set to start at whatever time of day you prefer, and the unit automatically shuts off once the boiling cycle is complete. This means you can use it to produce distilled water while you sleep, or when you are away from home. Because the unit is so portable, it can be used in RVs as well.

The steam distillation process is superior to filtering because it removes many harmful substances that filters do not, including arsenic, aluminum, copper, chloroform, fluoride, lead, mercury and much more. Distilling water even eliminates viruses that can pass through most filters because the boiling process that produces the steam is an effective form of sterilization. A Kenmore water purifier will remove 99% of all impurities from your tap water, leaving behind nothing but pure, clean water.

Another attractive feature of the Kenmore distiller is its affordable price. Compared to the cost of a reverse osmosis system, the Waterwise unit is very cost-effective. And unlike under-sink water purification systems, there are no modifications that need to be made to the sink, and no professional installation needed. All you have to do is fill it, plug it in and turn it on. The Kenmore Waterwise distiller is just 15” high and 9” in diameter, and the removable cord makes it easy to transport or store in a cupboard when not in use.

It should also be noted that several consumers who have purchased this product have reputedly become sick less often than they did before they started using distilled water.

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