Water Purifier Dean Kamen

Inventor of the Slingshot water purifier, Dean Kamen set out to find a way to utilize wasted energy created by an electric generator that he designed. The result was the Slingshot, an energy efficient water purifier that costs very little to operate.

When he designed this innovative water purifier, Dean Kamen originally intended for it to be used in conjunction with the electric generator, using the excess heat to distill the water, but the unit is also able to stand alone and be operated without the generator. This water purifier is essentially a distiller and condenser in one. The design of this water purifier is incredibly simple, and doesn’t require any maintenance or filter replacements. However, before using it you should learn the correct use and storage of the device.

Distillers are nothing new, but what makes the water purifier Dean Kamen developed unique is its enormous capacity for producing clean water. The Slingshot is able to produce up to one thousand litres of water in a single day. It is so energy efficient that it is able to produce ten gallons of purified water in one hour while consuming only 500 watts of electricity.

Compared to other water purification systems, the difference in water production and energy consumption is nothing short of phenomenal.

The most impressive thing about his water purifier, Dean Kamen says, is that it can be used to purify any kind of water, even from outdoor sources teeming with dangerous micro organisms, or even sea water.

The Slingshot’s efficiency in purifying water is head and shoulders above that of a common carbon-based water filter because the distillation process extracts only the water, leaving all other contaminants behind. Kamen claims that even sewer water can be purified using his device. He says all sludge and impurities are removed from the water, and clean water is extracted.

This portable water purification system has a host of possibilities, and Kamen plans to use his invention to provide drinkable water for third world countries that have limited sources of clean water. His water purifier is perfectly suited for such a purpose because it runs on such a small amount of energy, producing a high volume of clean water in a short amount of time. Many of the areas where he intends to use the Slingshot would most likely have a limited supply of electricity as well.

The generator that inspired the development of the Slingshot water purifier was also designed to help small rural villages in impoverished parts of the world. It produces electricity by running on fuel created out of cow manure. When paired with the water purifier, it makes a winning team; the heat from the generator provides energy for the distiller, and together the two devices will help make life easier for people in undeveloped countries all over the world, helping to save many lives in the process.

Dean Kamen, a multimillionaire with several useful inventions to his credit, plans to distribute his generator and water purifier to the countries that need them the most.

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