How To Filter Water? What Are Your Options?

Summary: If you’re looking for answers about how to filter water, then you’re in luck because there are plenty of different ways to filter water that are equally as good as each other. It’s up to you to decide what filtration method is the easiest way for you and your family, the way that makes you most comfortable and the way that you believe tastes the best.

There are three main answers for the common question of how to filter water. You can either filter your water directly at the tap or you can filter your water with a water filtering pitcher. Nowadays, you can even have a filtering system installed directly into your drinking water line so you never have to worry about filtering your water at all.

Here at TotallyDrinkable we investigate all of your options, doing the hard work of comparisons and reviews so that you don't have to!

Each of these methods is equally effective at filtering water if systems are maintained properly. But when you’re looking for ways about how to filter water, you should choose the method that works best for you, and to do that you will need to do some research and even try several different options before you make a final decision.

The first method you can use to filter water is to do it directly at the tap. You simply attach a filtering device to your tap. These are easy to find in your local supermarket. You will need to change the filter inside the device every few weeks.

Just like the method above, pitchers with filters inside of them work incredibly similarly. However, instead of being attached to the tap, you put the water into the top half of the pitcher and the water drips down through the filter into the bottom half of the pitcher where it is accessible as perfectly filtered water.

With systems that are installed into your house, you can choose from a variety of different methods—a filtering system much like those described above or other systems like a reverse osmosis cleansing and filtering system which is permanent and does not need to be changed on a regular basis.

There’s no one right decision for how to filter water in your home or office. Each different filtering system has the potential to make your water taste different and even feel different, so you should be sure to know exactly what you expect from your filtering system before you decide to stick to it permanently.

That’s why many people choose one of the first two options mentioned above as they are not expensive and do not have as permanent a feel as the last option, which must be installed into your home as a fixture, much like a water softener.

The last option is more expensive and can even cost thousands of dollars; money you might not want to spend until you are sure about the option. It is also important to note that some installation companies might not be around for long periods of time to service your equipment.

Before you decide how to filter water at home, be sure that you’re ready for the commitment.

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