Capresso Charcoal Water Filters - For Great Tasting Gourmet Coffee

Capresso charcoal water filters, designed for use with Capresso espresso coffee machines, produce some of the best tasting gourmet coffee you will ever enjoy.

This taste is because charcoal removes impurities such as chlorine that affect the taste of the water and in turn, affect the taste of the coffee. You might be surprised at how much difference a little water filter can make, and may not even believe it until you taste it for yourself.

For best results, Capresso charcoal water filters should be changed every six weeks or every 60 pots of coffee. The filters are compatible with a wide variety of machines, and they come in convenient packs of 3, so you can ensure that you always have a backup filter. Some models also use a water filter cartridge similar to the ones found in water filter pitchers.

No matter which model of Capresso coffee machine you decide to buy, Capresso charcoal water filters make all the difference when it comes to the taste of your fine, fresh ground coffee. Capresso charcoal water filters successfully remove up to 82% of chlorine and other types of impurities that are commonly found in ordinary tap water.

Like any charcoal-based water filter, Capresso water filters vastly improve the taste of the water. These filters improve the taste of the water where it counts most – when it enters the espresso machine to brew delicious, aromatic gourmet coffee.

Many different types of impurities can be present in tap water, and they can greatly impact the taste. Well water is often quite high in iron and other minerals, and the higher the concentrations, the stronger the taste. Chlorine, which is commonly added to tap water, leaves such a strong taste and smell in the water that it can permeate everything you make with the water, whether it is coffee, tea or cold beverages. Transforming that water into coffee may camouflage that taste somewhat, but the end result is a cup of coffee that tastes less than ideal.

It seems like such a terrible waste of fine gourmet coffee beans to brew them with impure water that is undoubtedly going to spoil their taste. After all, anyone who loves exotic blends of coffee beans and has an appreciation for the perfect cup of cappuccino or espresso wants their coffee to be all that it can be. Investing in a gourmet espresso machine such as the ones made by Capresso is an important step toward achieving that perfect cup, and of course the coffee beans that you select are every bit as important.

The third component is the water, and it is every bit as important as the beans themselves because after all, the coffee is made primarily of water, and the beans just give it the flavor. That’s why it is logical that using impure water will result in an inferior cup of coffee no matter how expensive your espresso machine or your coffee beans are. After all, your coffee is only going to taste as good as your water does!

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