Water Softeners Comparison – What You Should Look For

When looking at different brands of water softeners, comparison shopping is a must.

When you buy any appliance, it is important to research different brands to make sure that you are getting the right one, and it’s the same when you shop for water softeners. Comparison between brands is one part of it, but it’s also important to compare the different styles and capacities to make sure that you are choosing the one that is going to best suit your household.

It’s important to choose the right water softener because too low of a capacity for a larger sized household won’t be able to keep up with the water demands and will run out of softened water. You will also find yourself regenerating the machine much more often than you should have to.

A water softener doesn’t need to be a high maintenance piece of equipment if you make your selection carefully. Some people make the mistake of choosing a water softener according to price, thinking that a lower priced model is a bargain, but they don’t take capacity into account and end up with a unit that is much too small for their household.

Another consideration is automation. Is the water softener going to be installed in a seasonal home such as a summer cottage, or is it going to be installed in a year-round residence.

The reason why this is important is that a residence that will be unattended for several months at a time must have a water softener that can function automatically without human assistance for a long period of time. In this case you might want a unit that only regenerates according to water usage.

There are two basic types of water softening unit. One type has a time clock that regenerates the salt on a regular basis at a preset time interval. The other regenerates according to water usage. Some units are capable of doing both, so you can change from one to the other as needed.

When your home is unattended for a long time, you want a unit that is capable of monitoring water usage and triggering regeneration only when needed. During times when the house is empty, such as during the winter time, the water usage will be at a minimum, so the water softener will not need to work very hard. A time clock water softener would actually waste water in this case because it would regenerate whether it was necessary or not.

When looking at different water softeners, comparison between units that offer time clocks, usage monitoring or both is important when determining whether a lower priced unit is actually a good buy. It may be priced lower because it lacks some of the features of other units.

You can find some of the information you need on specific water softeners comparison websites. Once you know what features you need to have in a water softener it will be easy to shop for one and get it at the best possible price.

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