Marlo Water Softeners Use A Sleek Space-Saving Design

Marlo water softeners make water softening easy. These fully automated units feature state of the art controls designed for ease of use. Marlo water softeners are considered to be one of the most reliable water softening units on the market today.

You may wonder if you need a water softener, but for most people it’s pretty easy to tell if you have hard water. Water is usually considered ‘hard’ when calcium levels are significant enough that the water leaves a visible residue everywhere that the water touches, although measurements of the ppm of this mineral can tell you for sure if you should be concerned about hard water issues.

When a hard water problem is easy to see, the signs are pretty obvious; cloudy, chalk-like residue on tiles and fixtures, spots on dishes, dull looking laundry and dry hair and skin.

These problems are annoying and inconvenient, but it is the problems you can’t see that make hard water more of a threat. What you can’t see is what hard water does to the insides of major appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, or worse yet, the insides of pipes and hot water heaters.

When you have hard water, this chalky residue builds up everywhere that the water touches and over time, turns into a thick, hard shell. This hard shell can plug shower heads, clog water pipes and build up inside the pumps of appliances such as your dishwasher and your washing machine.

It also coats the inside of the water heater, making it less effective because of the insulating effect of the hard shell of mineral scale. When the water heater isn’t able to heat water as effectively, it consumes a great deal more electricity attempting to do its job. This hard work also shortens the life span of this vital appliance, forcing costly replacement much sooner than should be required.

One concern that many consumers have when purchasing a major appliance such as a water softener is the amount of maintenance it is going to require. Moving parts and seals are two components that commonly fail or wear out on any appliance. It stands to reason that the fewer of these a unit has, the less likely it is to break down and the less maintenance it is going to need.

Marlo water softeners are designed with minimal moving parts and minimal seals to ensure that they will operate at maximum efficiency with little or no problems.

Another thing that consumers like about Marlo water softeners is their sleek space saving designs. Many water softening units of old were large cumbersome units that occupied a good deal of space in the basement or worse yet, on the main floor of homes that didn’t have basements to hide them in.

Many homeowners have taken great pains to conceal these large and bulky water softeners by building walls or closets around them. The sleek and attractive design of a Marlo saves space and doesn’t necessarily need to be hidden from view.

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