Use A Rainsoft Water Softener To Eliminate Hard Water From Your Home

A Rainsoft water softener will enhance your family’s quality of life by improving the quality of the water everywhere that water is used in the household. There are many good reasons to install a Rainsoft water softener in your home.

Even water that is great quality at the source might be very different by the time it reaches your home. While travelling through the pipes the water comes in contact with a great many pollutants, minerals and chemical compounds. By the time it reaches your home it could be an entirely different substance.

Chlorination at water treatment plants is another problem. When you turn on the shower and the bathroom smells like a swimming pool, it’s a dead giveaway that your water is heavily chlorinated.

Using water directly from the tap isn’t always a pleasant prospect. Depending on where you live and what type of water source you have, you might have to deal with the smell and taste of chlorine, the metallic taste and rusty stains caused by iron, the smell of sulphur, or chalky buildup caused by calcium in the water.

Some water problems are worse than others; you may be dealing with a simple case of smell and taste or you may have substances in your water that can damage your appliances or even be hazardous to your health.

When the tap water in your home is not top-notch, simply switching to bottled water is simply not a practical solution. First of all, bottled water is expensive. Secondly, it isn’t necessarily any healthier than your own tap water and in some cases it is worse. Thirdly, bottled water contributes to a major environmental hazard.

Billions and billions of tiny water bottles are accumulating all over the planet in spite of recycling efforts, adding to the already overwhelming mountains of discarded plastics.

If you want clean drinking water, the most sensible solution is to treat your water at home rather than buying it from an unknown source. A Rainsoft water softener can eliminate nearly all of the problems caused by hard water, leaving you with soft, sweet smelling water coming from every tap in the house.

There are many other common problems you will encounter with hard water. Skin feels dry and hair looks dull and feels heavy due to the chalky residue left behind by the water. Soaps, shampoos and detergents don’t work very well in hard water, meaning that they don’t lather well and also don’t rinse out very well. This residue leaves soap scum on your skin, on sinks, tubs and showers and also leaves laundry looking dull and rough. It can also clog pipes and shorten the life span of appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and coffee makers.

A Rainsoft water softener will eliminate the problems caused by hard water, making laundry brighter and whiter, dishes and fixtures look cleaner and skin and hair feel better. Even food and beverages will taste better when prepared with water that has been properly treated.

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