Consumer Reports On Water Softeners

When you want to make a comparison between different brands of water softeners, Consumer Reports on water softeners are about as accurate as you can get.

For more than fifty years, people have known that they can put their trust in Consumer Reports. Whether reviewing water softeners or any other product, you can count on Consumer Reports to give you unbiased and accurate ratings of a wide variety of different models.

Consumer Reports on water softeners can be found on the official Consumer Reports site, , a site which boasts more subscribers than any other website of its kind. Reviews can be found by following Home & Garden > Water Filters.

Consumer Reports has a No Commercial Use policy in which they do not accept any compensation in the way of money or advertising for the products that they test. Their tests and ratings are not done to favor any product in particular but to provide honest and unbiased information about consumer products.

Ratings provided by Consumer Reports are for the sole use of their readers and are not permitted for use for the purpose of advertising or any other commercial use without specific permission.

Consumer Reports magazine, which is among the top ten circulation publications in America, is published by Consumers Union, an independent professional non-profit organization founded in 1936. The organization was formed when advertising first began to flood mass media and it became clear that there was need for a reliable source of consumer information to help people differentiate between fact and exaggerated hype.

The mission of Consumers Union is to empower consumers and enable them to protect themselves by creating a consumer marketplace that is just, fair and safe for average people. Back in the 1930s when the organization was first formed, there was no reliable source of consumer information that people could turn to when trying to distinguish between good products and bad products.

To remain independent and impartial, Consumers Union does not accept any outside advertising or free samples. Instead, it employs hundreds of mystery shoppers to buy products for evaluation and just as many technical professionals to conduct impartial testing of the many products evaluated by the organization.

Consumer Reports magazine, along with the organization’s two newsletters, Consumer Reports Money Adviser and Consumer Reports on Health have over 8 million subscriptions combined. It is the most widely known and trusted consumer magazine in the country.

Unbiased water softener ratings

Consumer Reports on water softeners can tell you honestly which brands have the best track records when it comes to reliability, cost and longevity. At the time of writing, they have reviews of 42 filters and softeners on the site.

Unbiased testing of many brands will tell you which units are most durable and alert you to any common problems that arose with any particular product. Their tests include lead removal and chloroform removal and salt free water options, so any units that pass their tests are sure to be better for the health of your family, protecting them against hard water.

Consumer Reports will provide you with a list of the best and the worst of any particular product, including water softening units. They also provide an overall score which makes value for money a little easier to compare once you have used their ratings to select a model.

Knowing which products responded well during testing and which products to avoid can be a huge help in narrowing down the choices when you set out to buy a product such as a water softener. Arming yourself with information will help you find the best deal on the right equipment for your home.

Needless to say, when it comes to purchasing, there are a number of low cost options such as amazon, Home Depot and Costco. Each of these stores will be competitive on price and offer a best buy option. If we think of water as one of the world's true commodities, then filtering and softening it ought to fall into a similar category.

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