Homemade Water Filter: Filtering Your Water at Home

Although there are many brands of bottled water you can trust, another alternative, arguably cheaper, is to just install your own homemade water filter. In this way, you can be assured that you and your family are drinking and using clean water every day.

Installing your own water filtration system need not be complicated if you have the right materials at hand. There are now many online and offline stores that will provide everything you need to make and install a water filter in your own home.

Two Kinds of Homemade Water Filters

Before you proceed to make your very own homemade system, you need to learn about the two primary kinds of homemade water filters. Firstly, you should know you can make one with the use of parts that have been prefabricated and are available from distributors on the Internet.

The other kind of filter you can make at home comes with components that you can create yourself using every-day household items. In both cases, the parts you need to create your own water filter are easy to put together.

Parts Needed for Homemade Water Filters

1. The Housing Configuration. Once you have decided on the kind of homemade water filter you would like to make, the next step is to know what parts are needed. You will need a housing configuration to contain the filtration system. There are triple, double, and single housing systems available for water filtration. You should decide on which of these housing systems best meets your needs when it comes to filtering your water supply.

A housing configuration should also include parts such as the stand, the housing, the diverter, and the spout as well as each and every fitting needed.

2. The Filters. As soon as you have your housing configuration in place, the next thing you need to do is to choose the filters needed. There are several filters to chose from and one of these is the granulated activated charcoal or GAC, which is one of the most popular kind of filters. This filter features tightly packed charcoal particles that are effective in catching contaminants in water like lead and sediments, among others.

A carbon block filter is another common kind of filter containing carbon blocks that come in solid and powder form. This is known to filter more harmful contaminants than the GAC filter.

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