Best Water Purifier - How to choose the best for your needs?

Which water purifier is the best water purifier? With new models constantly emerging on the market, choosing a water purifier can be confusing, to say the least. Plus, what is best for one person might not be right for another person because everybody's circumstances (and water supply) are unique.

Finding the best water purifier to suit you is easier once you pinpoint exactly what your water purification needs are. Are looking for a water purification system for your home? Are you planning to travel into the wilderness or to a foreign country? Or, do you simply want a portable means of improving the quality of the drinking water at your workplace? Each one of these scenarios is quite different, and there are water purifiers suited specifically for each case.

When travelling to foreign countries where the local water may contain micro organisms that can make you sick, it is a good idea to bring along some method of water purification. Of course, you are trying to travel as lightly as possible, so carrying a bulky canister style water purifier obviously isn’t a practical choice.

For this purpose, a filtered water bottle, filtered drinking straw or an ultraviolet Steri-pen fits easily into your luggage without adding extra weight. Bringing one of the small devices with you can mean the difference between a memorable holiday and a vacation ruined due to a water-borne illness water borne illnesses .

The best water purifier to take on a foreign vacation depends largely on where you are going and where you will be staying when you get there. If you will be staying far from civilization, more aggressive means of water purification will be needed, such as a water bottle designed for extreme conditions.

If you are staying in a hotel or resort, a Steri-pen may be all that you need. For camping trips, you are likely to need a purifier with a larger capacity, such as a ceramic micro filter or portable reverse osmosis system.

The best water purifier for your home can be anything from a water purifier pitcher to a high-tech under-sink system. It is a matter of preference for the most part, but the quality of your water source should also influence your choice.

Carbon filtered systems are usually sufficient for municipal water supplies, because the main issue here is usually chlorination and excess metals. Water treatment plants usually chlorinate water to sterilize it, leaving the water with a bleach smell, which carbon effectively removes.

Some homeowners opt for a more thorough method of purification such as reverse osmosis, distillation, or a combination of charcoal filtration and ultraviolet light. Under-sink units are installed directly into the water supply, and can either dispense purified water through the existing faucet or through a secondary faucet mounted beside the main one. A faucet-mounted filter is another inexpensive option if you want charcoal filtration.

These units can work for one tap or filter water for the whole house .

One of the most common types of home water purifier is still the water purifier pitcher, made famous by Brita. This simple yet effective method of filtration is affordable, easy to use, and produces clean water throughout the life of the filter.

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