The Espring Water Purifier Removes Almost 100% Of All Water Impurities

The Espring water purifier is one of the top rated water purifiers on the market, and for good reason. This innovative water purification system combines two effective water purification methods into one powerful unit.

In designing the Espring water purifier, the goal was to create a purification unit capable of coming as close as possible to removing 100% of all impurities from water. The unit uses the combination of ultraviolet light and a carbon block filter to eliminate bacteria and viruses and filter out contaminants. The ultraviolet light destroys over 99% of bacteria, viruses and cysts, making your water safe to drink.

However, microscopic organisms are not the only threats that may be present in tap water. There are countless other contaminants that are just as hazardous to your health, if not worse. ‘Safe’ tap water commonly contains dangerous contaminants such as mercury, lead, pesticides and disinfectant by-products. Chlorine used by municipal water treatment facilities can make water smell like bleach.

The multi-stage carbon block filter used in Espring’s water purification system eliminates over 140 contaminants commonly found in tap water without removing beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water. Water purified by this method is far superior to bottled water and does not contribute to the environmental problem being created by billions of tiny water bottles.

The Espring water purifier is available in easy to install countertop and under sink models. The countertop model fits on the countertop and easily connects to any standard faucet, while the under sink water dispenses water through an auxiliary faucet. It is designed to work at any household water pressure from 15-125 psi, and the high flow rate allows you to fill glasses or containers quickly, with no waiting around for the water to trickle out. The replaceable filtration cartridge has the capacity to produce 1,320 gallons of water before it needs changing - enough water to meet the needs of an average family of 6 for a year.

The system is equipped with an electronic monitor that shows you it is functioning correctly and tells you when replacements are required. Replacing bulbs and filters is simple and no tools are required. Built-in ‘smart chips’ automatically reset the system after replacements are complete. The ultraviolet bulb turns on only when the water is turned on, so no energy is wasted from having the bulb turned on all the time. Having the bulb switch on only as needed also means that that it does not heat the water before it is dispensed, allowing nice cold water to flow from your tap.

With an Espring water purifier attached to your sink, you never have to worry about the quality of your tap water, and maintenance is a breeze!

Keep in mind, however, that this water purification unit is designed for use in a household connected to a well or municipal water supply, and not for use with water from lakes, rivers or other outdoor sources. If outdoor water purification is what you need, there are many highly efficient devices designed exactly for that purpose.

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