Brita Water Purifier - A Step in the Right Direction

The Brita water purifier is a household name. In fact, the name Brita has come to define water purifiers and is the standard upon which other brands base their water purifiers.

The well-known company manufactures a variety of different styles of water purifier to suit the various needs of different types of households.

The Brita water purifier pitcher is probably the most familiar of the Brita line. This simple but effective gravity powered filtration system uses a small carbon filter cartridge to remove impurities from tap water. The pitcher is divided into two sections; a top one and a bottom one. The top part of the pitcher holds the filter. As the water trickles through the filter into the bottom section of the pitcher the carbon filter captures impurities such as chlorine, lead, mercury and other toxic heavy metals, leaving behind just clean, safe drinking water.

The innovative design of the pitcher allows drinking water to be poured from just the bottom section, and the wide variety of streamlined designs fit easily into the fridge. Brita pitchers come in a large selection of styles and even attractive colors suitable for any taste. For families who use a lot of water, Brita’s large capacity Ultramax model fits easily on a refrigerator shelf and can dispense up to 18 8-oz glasses of cool, clean drinking water.

For water purification at the source, Brita also makes on-the-tap filters. These long lasting filters are easy to install, with no tools required and they fit on any standard kitchen faucet. Your tap water is purified right at the source, every time you turn on the tap. An additional layer of filtration traps excess sediment, leaving nothing but clear, great-tasting water for drinking and cooking.

Scientific tests show that the filter of a Brita water purifier effectively removes as much as 99% of chlorine, metals and other common toxins from tap water. They even remove cryptosporidium and other microbes, although it is not recommended that you rely on this type of filter as a sole method of purification for water that is known to be contaminated.

Brita filters are designed for improving the taste and quality of tap water, but when dealing with outdoor water sources such as lakes and rivers, it is advisable to disinfect water by using water purification tablets or a similar method to ensure that it is safe to drink. Once the water has been disinfected to make it safe to drink, you can improve the taste and clarity by pouring it through a Brita filter.

Bottled water is no longer the solution to clean drinking water that we once thought it was. Tests have shown that much of the water from major bottled water companies can contain as many contaminants as ordinary tap water. Furthermore, the billions of disposable water bottles are just contributing to an already massive environmental problem. Purifying your drinking water at home with a Brita water purifier is not only a healthy choice, it is the environmentally friendly thing to do.

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