Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filter: Knowing about the Benefits It Brings

There are several ways to ensure that our families get the cleanest drinking water possible. One of these is to get a water filtration system for your home and another is to get a water filter for your refrigerator.

In selecting one of these refrigerator water purifiers, you need to look closely at their features to understand their effectiveness in removing contaminants in water. You will naturally do your own research and shop around before settling on your choice. One water purifier you should consider is the Kenmore refrigerator water filter.

The great thing about the this filter is the number of features it provides its users. Here are some of them:

Easy-to-install Replacement Cartridges. Should you need to replace the water filter of your Kenmore refrigerator with a replacement cartridge, you can be assured that installation is pretty easy. Only needing a ¼ turn, you can replace your water filter after every six months, to assure yourself of a continued first-rate water purification service.

Getting a replacement cartridge is easy as well if you join Kenmore’s customer service program. This enables a replacement cartridge to be sent to you every six months. You can also obtain discounted replacement cartridge volume packs on the Internet.

The Kenmore refrigerator water filter removes a broad range of water contaminants. Considerable amounts of the pollutants in water like lead, asbestos, volatile organic compounds, mercury, animal waste, hydro-carbons, bad taste, agricultural pesticides, chlorine, viruses and other germs can be eliminated with the use of the Kenmore refrigerator water filter. At a cost of only a few pennies for every gallon, you can get clean and pure water that has had approximately 99 percent of its contaminants removed.

The Kenmore refrigerator water filter provides high-quality drinking water. With the belief now that “point of use” water purification techniques are best in achieving water that is close to 100 percent safe for drinking and cooling, Kenmore is doing its best to provide users with what they need. They have included a carbon water filtration system among their Kenmore refrigerator water filter products, which can be installed directly into your refrigerator.

Aside from these benefits, Kenmore also has whole house water filtration systems that splice your water supply as they go through the primary pipes of your home. They also provide other water purification options like portable water filters and counter top water filters.

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