Outdoor Whole House Water Filter: For Complete Protection

Installing an outdoor whole house water filter is an effective protection for those who are afraid of the various contaminants found in the water supply.

It is right to be afraid of these water contaminants because, over a period of time, they can give you or your family members health problems. A very practical step in protecting the whole family is to install an outdoor whole house water filter, which covers the entire house and not merely a part of it.

A Practical Method of Protection

Outdoor whole house water filter systems are probably the most ideal method of getting protection from the thousands of contaminants found in ordinary tap water. Others may assume that drinking purified or filtered water is enough to make them safe, but water contaminants have so many ways of “invading” the home. It is not enough to rely on a countertop water filter treatment system. This will leave other routes uncovered such as showerheads where chemical contaminants and impurities can affect you.

A Health-Friendly Unit

With the aid of an outdoor whole house water filter, you are saved from as much as six thousand times chlorine absorption each time you take a shower from an unprotected water supply. The water filter also blocks the dangerous Trihalomethanes or THMs, commonly formed when water is disinfected, which when exposed to air outside the waterline, will immediately turn to chloroform gas. This type of gas is the same one that is emitted each time you do laundry in your washing machine and each time you turn on your dishwasher. An ordinary point-of-use water filter is not capable of providing protection from THMs.

The “Whole House” Water Filter Advantage

Apart from offering protection from chloroform gas , which incidentally has the capability of building up over time and then dispersing slowly, an outdoor whole house water filter will also protect you from any carcinogenic chemicals found in your water supply. It does a good job in giving you a wider range of protection from being exposed to chemical contaminants that can be harmful for your health in the long run. You and your family’s health will be threatened by constant exposure to contaminated drinking water and showerheads.

If you want to take a step towards protecting your family from the danger of contamination, then installing an outdoor whole house water filter is a sensible option.

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