Is There A Link Between Water And Climate Change?

Summary: This page looks at the important link between water and climate change. The Editor of was in the fortunate position to attend a number of water policy related events in 2009 and then also attend the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December 2009. These are some of the observations.

In November 2009, your Editor attended the 5th Annual Conference of the European Water Association in Brussels, Belgium. The opportunity was used to film some video interviews with attendees.

This interview was conducted with Paul Horton. Mr Horton is the Chairman of the EWA Climate Change Working Group.

We then took the opportunity to speak to the Deputy Chair of the EWA Climate Change Working Group, Geoff Darch. In this interview, Mr Darch touches on the importance - to come - of finance and the economy in water policy and climate change.

At The Copenhagen Climate Conference

While in the Bella Center at the COP15 Copenhagen Climate Conference, we spoke to Dr Charles Ehrhart from the NGO CARE International. We spoke about the role NGOs and water have had in the negotiation process. CARE International is a leading organisation in assisting people suffering the effects of flooding in underdeveloped nations.

As the impact of climate change continues to grow, there will be an ever greater need for companies and organisations, plus their relevant technology, that helps us to recover from the impacts. In some areas, this will relate to rising sea levels. In others it will relate to the damage caused by floods and storms.

Companies such as this water damage restoration firm in America will be in ever greater demand and it appears to be a service that will be needed around the world.

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