What Is An Alkaline Water Purifier ?

An alkaline water purifier eliminates harmful acids from water, transforming it to an alkaline state that is much more beneficial to the health. A high level of acidity in the bloodstream is a deadly condition, known as acidosis.

Acidity in the bloodstream has many different causes. Poor dietary choices such as fast food and processed foods are a major cause of acidity, and chemical reactions within the body triggered by stress, overexertion and extreme emotions also create acid within the bloodstream. Cancer and many other deadly diseases thrive in an acidic environment.

Acidity is also the primary cause of aging; it causes oxidation, producing free radicals that break down and destroy cells, essentially ‘rusting’ the body away from the inside out. Free radicals are believed to be a major cause of cancer and other devastating illnesses. We have all heard of antioxidants, molecules that are capable of stopping the process of oxidation and preserving the cells of the body.

The current fad is antioxidant supplements and ‘power’ foods that are rich in these lifesaving molecules, but many people are not aware that water can also be a valuable source of antioxidants. On the other hand, water can also be a source of acids that should be avoided.

An alkaline water purifier eliminates these acids, leaving you with drinking water that is not only a safe PH level, but antioxidant rich.

An alkaline water purifier is not a water purifier in the sense that most people are familiar with. Purification systems such as distillation and reverse osmosis remove contaminants, but they also remove beneficial minerals from the water, leaving it flat and empty. This ‘empty’ water quickly becomes filled with acids from the environment; the very acids that we are trying to avoid.

An alkaline water purifier, or ionizer is the solution to this problem. Ionizing separates water into two parts – the acid part, which is excellent for bathing, cleaning and watering plants – and the alkaline part, which contains the right combination of negatively charged oxygen and hydrogen atoms to directly benefit the body with antioxidant protection.

It is important to understand the difference between alkaline water and ionized water. Raising the PH of acidic water by simply adding alkali substances to it is not the same as the process of ionization. Regular water with added alkali still contains all of the acids; it simply has a higher ratio of alkali, so by drinking this water you are still drinking acids and contributing to the body’s acidic state.

Ionizing water actually changes its chemical composition. The ionized water retains alkali minerals such as calcium but no longer contains the acids that contribute to a toxic body.

Acidosis is linked to every disease in one way or another, so it is logical that the key to disease prevention is keeping the body alkaline. Water purifier companies still maintain that total purification is the answer to maintaining good health, but the power of ionization is above and beyond anything that purified water is capable of.

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