Under Sink Water Purifier

An under sink water purifier ensures clean, clear tap water by removing impurities right at the source. These space-saving water purifiers are conveniently concealed under the sink, require little maintenance and can produce clean water at a faster rate than a water purifier pitcher.

Most people assume that their tap water is clean and safe to drink, without realizing that being safe to drink does not necessarily mean that the water is clean. Many municipal water supplies are chlorinated and may also contain dirt, rust and other sediment, which is collected as water travels through the pipes.

Lead and other metals also leak out of the pipes and make their way into your ‘clean’ water supply. The only way to completely eliminate these contaminants is to remove them just before the water is consumed.

Independent water supplies such as wells and springs are not without problems either. Well water is often high in iron, calcium and other minerals, which can give water an unpleasant taste as well as leave unsightly deposits on cookware and springs can contain sediment or outside contaminants. An under sink water purifier is capable of removing as much as 99% of all common contaminants from the water.

The most common type of under sink water purifier is a filtration unit that uses a carbon filter similar to the one found in a faucet filter or water purification pitcher. The larger filter of an under sink unit allows it to produce clean water at a faster rate than the smaller filters and due to its larger size will not become clogged as often.

There are two general styles of under sink filter: an in-line system or a bypass system. An in-line system is installed into the water supply before it reaches the faucet, so that all water dispensed from the faucet passes through the filter first. A bypass system dispenses purified water through a separate faucet mounted beside the main one, so you have a choice of whether to use the purified water or regular tap water.

You may choose a bypass system as a means of providing a handy source of purified drinking water, while just using regular tap water for washing and other uses. It is really a matter of personal preference, but for most people the decision of which system to use depends on the quality of the primary water source.

Another type of under sink unit is a reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis systems can remove even the tiniest particles from water; even objects as small as a single molecule. However, they are considerably more expensive and produce water at a much slower rate than a carbon filter. Reverse osmosis also wastes a considerable amount of water, so if water conservation is a concern, this may not be the system for you.

No matter which under sink water purifier you choose, you will need to have it installed by a qualified professional because it involves severing the water supply to your sink. Once in place, an under sink unit will supply clean, great tasting water with a minimal amount of maintenance.

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