How Safe Is It To Drink Distilled Water?

With all of the new research and information available on the internet and in the news about health and nutrition, you’re probably wondering, “how safe is it to drink distilled water?” and the answer is not simple. Just as with many other types of nutritional ideas, you should pay attention to research that comes from those with a medical and nutritional background and make educated judgments about what is best for you and your family.

You may have read from your own research that drinking distilled can have health benefits for you and your family. But when trying to answer the question “should people drink distilled water” there is more to be taken into account than simply the potential health benefits. While it is true that drinking distilled water takes away the problems associated with tap water—for example fluoride or unwanted minerals in the drinking water—there are many other considerations.

A better question might be “should people drink distilled water over long periods of time?” because as with many other things, drinking distilled water in moderation and over only short periods of time will allow you to get the benefits of distilled water without any of the side effects or unwanted little “extras” that come with drinking distilled water.

Because distilled water has been boiled and is devoid of minerals, it has a much easier time collecting toxins and removing them from the body. For those seeking water sustenance through a short term detox process , distilled water is the best type of water to drink.

However, due to the boiling of water to cause distillation, the method in which it is stored and the lack of minerals and other natural elements, distilled water has a mild level of weak acid in it, which can begin to cause problems if distilled water is drunk over a long period of time. A long period of time is defined as more than six to eight weeks.

In answering the question “should people drink distilled water” for yourself and for your family, you should consider two major things. One, distilled water does not contain the major, natural nutrients and minerals that come in natural water. The best benefits of water are achieved by drinking water that has not been tampered with in any fashion as the natural benefits of pure water are many and varied. The natural state of water keeps you hydrated, which can help to control diabetes, weight and headaches as well as keep up with the general maintenance of your body and immune system.

When deciding should people drink distilled water, the most important thing to remember is that this is a personal choice. With regular vitamin supplements and a healthy diet, the decision of whether or not to drink distilled water is one that, while it should not be taken lightly, is also easy enough to make when you have all necessary information at hand.

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