What Is Mineral Water? What You May Not Know About It

Mineral water has been touted as a tasty and healthier water to drink than ordinary tap water or bottled water. This is probably because of the minerals in water that many people believe to be beneficial to the body.

Despite all the advertisements that you hear and read about this kind of water, it is helpful to inform yourself further about mineral water, away from the various marketing messages, to be aware of what benefits it can bring to your body.

Mineral Water According to the FDA

Based on the definition issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mineral water is water that contains dissolved solids of TDS, which amounts to 250 parts for every million. It is also said to be water that was tapped from springs or from an underground source that is protected physically and geographically. This leads us to believe that mineral water contain properties that are good for one’s health. It is even believed to aid in alleviating a number of chronic illnesses and enhancing the functioning of the immune system.

One of the Problems with Mineral Water: how do you know it’s really mineral water?

Knowing the FDA definition of mineral water is fine, but a more fundamental question is “how do you know it’s really mineral water”? Your knowledge of mineral water should also include learning about the truth behind some mineral water brands.

One of the most prevalent problems about this kind of water is that there are some companies that are now capitalizing on the hype around mineral water. Such companies have found ways to decrease the production costs of mineral water by sourcing their water from tap water, instead of from natural springs. When marketing their bottled “mineral water”, they will not always be transparent about the true source of the water! There is also the problem of the packaging of mineral water as plastic is not only known to leak chemicals into the water, but also contributes to the environmental problem around the world.

Advantages of Drinking Mineral Water

While there may be information on mineral water that could perhaps discourage you from drinking it, if you are careful in buying a reputable brand, you will get a lot of benefits from it. Drinking mineral water is the easiest way to get the essential minerals that your body needs for its proper detoxification and for the proper functioning of the bodily systems.

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