What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Water?

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The amount of water you need is determined by your general health, activity level and the climate in which you live. Water is the main chemical component of the body and accounts for nearly 60% of the body’s weight.

Every system of the body is supported by water, and if you become deyhdrated through lack of water, your body can't perform many of its usual functions so efficiently. Even mild dehydration can drain the body of energy and cause tiredness. Your overall sense of wellbeing can be affected if you're not hydrated adequately, and signs and symptoms begin to appear including restlessness, irritability, thirst, sunken eyes and absence of tears.

There are many health benefits of drinking water. These are just a few of the ways in the which the body benefits from water.

1. Water helps the digestive system to work efficiently and can prevent and help to relieve constipation. If you're eating healthy to lose weight it's especially important to get enough water to keep your system working healthily.

2. Dehydration can make your brain feel fuzzy and cause headaches. This symptom of insufficient water intake can creep up without you noticing it. Your brain is made up of 85% water and cannot tolerate a high water loss. Chronic dehydration can damage blood vessels found in the brain, while drinking plenty of water helps to improve poor concentration and depression. Keep a bottle of water by your desk, and drink regularly.

3. Water aids in weight loss in many ways: 1- Helps to keep the body functioning properly. 2- Foods with high-water content increase the feeling of fullness. 3- Water provides the energy you need to exercise . If you're on a mission to lose belly fat make sure you include plenty of water in your daily intake.

4. Skin health. For your body to cool and regulate its temperature, you must perspire. If you don't drink enough in warm weather, you skin will suffer as you become dehydrated through sweating.

5. The benefits of drinking water are just as important for children as for adults. If you're packing lunch boxes for kids always add a bottle of fresh water. Don't give children sodas or sweetened soft drinks. Water is always the best choice when you're choosing healthy drinks for kids .

In order to enjoy the benefits of drinking water it's important to drink sufficient, every single day.

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