Find Out How To Drink More Water

Summary: You know that it's important to stay well-hydrated, but it's not always easy to keep your fluid intake up to the proper levels. Here's how to drink more water. This page has been written for us by the editorial team at , we hope you find it to be interesting and useful.

As the weather turns warm, you should consume more water in order to keep yourself hydrated. If you're not one who finds it easy to consume enough H2O, you'll be interested to know how to drink more water without having to down a bottle or large glass in one sitting.

* Carry a water bottle with you whenever you workout or are physically active. When you feel hot from exercising, for instance if you're following an aerobic exercise program you are more likely to drink if you have it readily available in order to cool off after a strenuous workout.

* Flavored waters make your drink taste good and have the additional benefit of added vitamins. These are an easy and enjoyable solution to the question of to how to drink more water.

* Always take water with you to work or on a journey. Fill a thermos with iced water and keep it handy so that you can sip on it throughout the day. By the day's end you will be impressed by how much water you have consumed without even noticing it.

* Make a conscious effort to substitute water for other drinks. If you generally have a soda with lunch, then substitute it for a glass of water with lemon. Rather than having an alcoholic drink at a social function, substitute it for sparkling water. Remember that water has no calories, which makes it a great choice if you are trying to slenderise that apple shaped body .

* Set a reminder on your computer or phone to go off every hour or two to prompt you to drink water. When the alarm sounds, set a goal to consume a glass of water within the next five minutes. Pausing work to sip and enjoy a cooling drink can also be a good way to alleviate some of the symptoms of stress .

* Eat a lot of fruits. This is another easy way to hydrate your system without having to guzzle glass after glass of water. Along the same lines, drink low fat milk. Milk has an average of 85 percent water. If you are midlife woman, drinking milk can also give you valuable calcium to help prevent osteoporosis .

Regardless of how you get your water, you must make sure that you get plenty of it in order to help prevent some dangerous health issues. Drinking water can help lower your risk for a heart attack, help with digestive problems, enhance weight loss and help you lose belly fat , reduce the risk of several types of cancer, and boost your energy level.

How much to drink? A good rule of thumb is to divide your weight in pounds by two and the resulting number is the number of ounces of water that your body needs per day. We hope these suggestions will help you to figure out how to drink more water.

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