The Home Water Softener Buying Guide

Selecting a home water softener is essential for almost every home.

There is no doubt that hard water is problematic. The effects of hard water can be more problematic than you realize until you are faced with the need to replace your plumbing, your washing machine, and your dishwasher all in the same year.

This is not only frustrating, but also very expensive. Who wants to pay for city water that is simply tearing up the appliances, ruining the skin, and posing a constant health threat to the family? You can't rely on the city to operate a cleaner and more reasonable operation so that means you will have to take it on yourself.

Buying the right home water softener is an appliance adventure that will educate you. Until you really start looking at the softeners that are now available, you probably have no idea just how far technology has taken the fine art of mineral removal.

There are now softeners that can link to your computer, make personal adjustments in prepared water, soften more water in less time, and provide you with nearly maintenance free operation.

The models that can link to your computer are rather impressive. These are units that will help manage your water use, alert you just before a core or filter change is needed, alert you to brine overflow if it's a salt machine, and even tell you when you're running low on salt. Computer linking means that you can always have soft water on demand without having to constantly check, worry, or forget.

A home water softener that can make personal adjustments based on your home water use is also a really interesting idea. In an effort not to waste water, energy or time, the system will literally know when you're going to need more water and when you're going to need less water.

This is, of course, based on a history of use so there will be times when a manual override is needed. The technology is fun and it is useful when it comes to practicing safe conservation while meeting your family's needs for hard water resolution.

Today's softeners are not so time hungry. The wait time between one shower and another doesn't have to be extended to hours, but more like minutes. Many units can have the next batch of prepared water ready to go in 15 to 20 minutes. When compared to older units that took anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, this speed increase is impressive.

When you have a family on the move, waiting for the water softener to catch up to your pace of life isn't fun. Being able to provide your family with the water quality they deserve without interruptions in your lifestyle is a good feeling.

A home water softener can be nearly hands free. There are fewer maintenance requirements and in many cases you have to do little more than make a few basic adjustments to the settings. Once you're up and producing soft water you really won't have to spend much time keeping the system going. That's a definite bonus when shopping for your water softener.

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