Do I Really Need An RV Water Softener?

It's really not a question about whether or not you need an RV water softener, but more about which one you need.

Hard water is a serious problem and it poses a threat to your RV water system as well as your health. Since 48 of the 50 states in America have some level of mineral composites that cause hard water, it doesn't make sense to hit the road and expose your body and equipment to a lower water quality than you experience at home.

An RV water softener allows you to pick and choose your water supply stops much more effectively than relying on water quality randomly.

Some places along the way will charge for water while others will allow you to fill up for free. Why take the chance that you end up paying for water all the time when you know that you have the peace of mind that comes with a water softener. The mineral content might be higher in the next town, but the water is free. Your softener will remove the minerals to allow you to enjoy the same water quality you experience at home.

Even if you find yourself stationary for a period of time you're still going to want to have the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having a water softener. You'll be able to pick your locations without worrying about whether or not the water will damage your system, taste terrible, or be loaded with hardening minerals that aren't good for you.

With a water softener on board you'll know that you have some control over the water quality and your consumption of minerals.

An RV water softener is designed to handle the rigorous demands that are often placed on the traveling water system. Since your water source changes regularly, you can expect a good softener to be able to handle a variety of grain levels and different levels of mineral components.

Home water softeners are generally more attuned to qualifying grain levels and sometimes even specific minerals. This is fine when your water source stays the same. The water softener will not work well if it is that specific while you are traveling from one place to another. You want a wide range of minerals and a range of grain levels to be effectively treated.

The softening system that you choose will help to extend the life of water pumps and on board plumbing. Without the chronic hard water mineral build up that happens when you go without a softener, you will be able to count on the pump pumping as it is supposed to when you need the water flow. It's a much easier and cost effective method of getting potable water from your RV .

Your RV water softener is much more than just an appliance. It can be considered safety equipment when you're traveling and a tool that will help improve the longevity of your RV's basic equipment.

Nobody wants to drink harsh contaminants that can be found in hard water. Prevention is much easier than finding a cure once the water minerals have done their damage.

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