Is An Addie Water Softener A Cost Effective Solution?

An Addie water softener may be one of the most cost effective water softening units on the market.

Available in several different capacities to suit every size of home or business, this water softener has the ability to monitor your usage of water so that it only regenerates when it is necessary, eliminating unnecessary wastage of water and salt.

The Addie water softener features a patented unique system with a non-plugging meter that continues to monitor water softening even if a power failure occurs.

Addie water softeners are built with Fleck or Clack valves, which are well known for being the best quality valves in the water treatment industry. With only one moving part, the possibility of a breakdown is almost nil, and maintenance is minimal.

This type of simplicity is what makes Addie such a reliable product. It is a low maintenance system that is designed to last a long time with very few service calls. Some water companies make the majority of their money on costly service calls, making repairs, adjusting the settings and doing other types of ‘routine’ maintenance, all at the customers’ expense.

Eliminating these numerous service calls by purchasing an Addie will drastically reduce your water softening expenses compared to what they would be with any other water company.

Once installed, the Addie needs very little adjustment, and maintenance is as simple as changing the salt and occasionally cleaning the unit. This is the type of routine maintenance that can easily be performed by the homeowner and does not require the attendance of a ‘trained professional’.

In terms of efficiency, an Addie water treatment system will truly shine, consuming a mere $2 per year in electricity. The savings in energy alone make this water softener a worthwhile investment.

Efficiency is definitely one of the Addie’s strong points as well. This unit is so efficient that you can expect to save as much as 50% more water than you would with most other brands of water softener. After all, nobody should have to needlessly waste large amounts of water just to improve the quality of the water that is used, when there are grave concerns about the planet’s diminishing supplies of fresh water.

People who live in homes that are on metered water systems will undoubtedly want to use the water treatment system that consumes the smallest amount of water possible, since they are being billed for their water usage.

Practically anyone who owns an Addie water softener can tell you that they wouldn’t buy anything else, especially if they have tried other big name water companies in the past. Consumers like the durability and longevity of the products as well as their low cost of operation.

Nobody likes to have to call service technicians at regular intervals, especially when it costs them money each and every time, and most people don’t like being told that they must pay for a technician to do simple maintenance that they should be able to do themselves.

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