Autotrol Water Softener – Metered or Time Clock Unit?

Choosing an Autotrol water softener may prove to be somewhat challenging. With more than a dozen different models to choose from, determining which Autotrol water softener is right for your home may take a little bit of research.

Another way to narrow down your choices is to talk to one of their dealers, who can help you match the type of home you have with the right water softening unit.

There are two basic types of Autotrol water softener – the metered unit and the time clock unit. Each one has a different way of determining when to regenerate. A time clock water softener is controlled by the user, who sets it to regenerate at specific intervals.

A metered water softener monitors the household’s water usage and regenerates accordingly. A time clock unit is best suited to water with a moderate level of hardness, while a metered system is better suited to well water and city water in areas where the water is quite hard.

One question that is on the mind of many consumers when purchasing their first water softener is, which type of water softener is more efficient – the metered system or the time clock system? That depends on a few factors, such as the hardness of the water and the size of the household in which the unit is installed.

Households with large families have considerably higher water usage than those with a couple or a single person, and that is an important consideration when deciding between a time clock unit and a metered system.

If your water usage is relatively consistent, with the same number of people bathing and the same amount of laundry and dishes being washed each week, then a time clock system may work well for you. You can set the unit to regenerate at regular intervals that will ensure that the water stays soft without unnecessarily wasting excess salt and water.

In households where the water usage is somewhat inconsistent from week to week, a metered unit can more easily keep track of the water usage and schedule regeneration as it is needed.

The Autotrol water softener is controlled by a microprocessor that precisely monitors water usage and controls settings in the metered models, and all models are designed with a compact, space-saving design that is not unattractive to look at.

The NVRAM (non-volatile random access memory) chip preserves your valuable water usage data in the event of a power failure. They are available in various different capacities, to suit every size of household or business, from small to large.

By matching the water softener to the size of your household or business, you will ensure that the unit will be able to accommodate your water softening needs without wastage. This is where consulting a professional can be helpful. An expert who deals in these products will know the size of unit that will be most appropriate and can help guide you to the water softener that will best serve your needs.

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