How Difficult To Gauge Are Culligan Water Softener Prices?

Since Culligan’s policy is to sell their equipment by way of a salesperson visiting your home, it isn’t easy to find out exact Culligan water softener prices.

Simply phoning them and asking how much their water softeners cost isn’t going to work. The company doesn’t like to readily give out that information until they are certain that they’ve sold you on the product, and that means a sales pitch and a visit from a Culligan sales representative.

The problem is a lot of consumers consider price to be a major selling point on any product. It would certainly be a lot easier to decide between Culligan and a competing water company if you had a list of prices for all of the various units at your disposal.

The general consensus of most people is that some Culligan water softener prices are somewhere in the neighborhood of outrageous. Some people have claimed to pay anywhere from $350-$700 for a Culligan water softener, and that is for the lowest priced models, which are not likely to be the ones recommended by the Culligan salesperson who visits your home.

It is more likely that the Culligan salesperson will recommend one of their higher end models such as the Gold Series, which sells for around $2200. For a simple machine with only one or two moving parts, one can’t help but feel that a price such as this seems somewhat unjustified.

Some loyal Culligan customers might argue that Culligan water softener prices are well worth it because of the warranty and because of the service that is offered along with the unit, but for the homeowner who is willing and able to check the settings on the machine and refill the salt on his own, paying extra for the “famous Culligan Man service” just doesn’t seem necessary.

The Culligan representative will no doubt try to convince you that the unit is much too complicated for you to understand and that it is best monitored and adjusted by a trained professional, but that is just part of the sales pitch.

If you are planning to purchase your water softener outright, it may be wise to have a consultation with a Culligan representative, but don’t commit to anything until you have compared Culligan water softener prices with those of the competition. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a reliable water softener does not necessarily have to cost you more than two thousand dollars.

On the other hand, for some people, Culligan may be the best choice. The company also offers rentals of their equipment, which means that you can have a Culligan water softener complete with salt delivery service for around $30 a month.

For seniors and people who really don’t want to have to deal with the machine, rental may be the best way to go. Because the rental equipment still belongs to Culligan, they are responsible for making sure that it is working properly and for replacing any units that happen to be faulty.

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