Braun Water Filters Versus Bottled Water - There's Not Much Difference

Braun water filters are well known, well advertised, and are well associated with one of the biggest names in the water industry.

Much of their advertising is based on high quality, beauty, and increased effectiveness. Most of us have seen a commercial or two that advertises the Braun name in comparison to regular bottled water.

Bottled water is not as well filtered as you might think. First of all, most bottled water comes from a soda company such as Pepsi or Coke. Yet, the water filtration that is provided for the bottles is rather low in comparison even to some of the worst home water filtration systems.

Bottled water is also not as good for the environment as the companies manufacturing the water would like you to believe. Improvements have been made to increase the level of filtration in bottled water, but much of what you're drinking has been drawn from the same source as the company's tap water and treated only for the most dangerous of potential contaminants. So, basically you could be sold slightly altered tap water in bottles that are continuing to cause damage to the environment. Even recycling plants have issues with containing the discharge that is created from the recycling process of plastic.

Braun water filters come with a very nice selection that allows you to customize your filtration at home. There are filters that will automatically fill the appropriate containers for on the go drinking and there are those that are effective for installing right on your faucet.

Personalizing your filtration at home can be as easy as picking up a small filtration system that looks like a pitcher of water after the liquid has cleared the filtration system. You simply store in the refrigerator and it's ready to go straight to a drinking glass.

You can also find Braun water filters that are completely tap or home based so that you don't have to deal with the constant filling of a refrigeration unit. Rather, the filtration happens before you can even touch the water running from your faucet. Having so many choices is really significant because not all homes are going to require the same filtration.

Each lifestyle will offer a variety of different filtering combinations. By putting together your own perfect filtration plan you can customize the package so that you can enjoy contaminant free water throughout the home or business.

Over time, Braun water filters also cost a great deal less than continuously purchasing bottled water. One of the smaller filtration systems will prevent the purchase of at least 300 bottles of drinking water. Depending on where you purchase your water, this could save you an average of the cost of the filters in about 1 to 2 weeks. If you keep ensuring that the filters are well maintained, you'd be surprised by how long a single filter can last and perform as effectively as the first use.

If you're considering adding home water filtration then Braun water filters are a very good choice. This is thanks to the company's continued quest for producing a high quality product while also helping the environment survive for as long as possible.

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