General Electric Water Filters Go Beyond The Refrigerator

While General Electric water filters for the refrigerator are a fantastic idea, GE makes a full line of personal and home filtration systems that are highly useful in protecting the health of your drinking water.

To start with, each filter eliminates the tastes and odors that often accompany water from public sources. These tastes and odors are usually caused by lead, mercury, and sediment that naturally enters the drinking water supply. Filtration allows you to remove these particles nearly 100%.

Carbon filtration is generally the first line of defense when it comes to General Electric water filters. The carbon filters remove most of the various contaminants that infiltrate the water supply. After the water has been processed through the carbon filters, it enters a membrane that is specifically designed to capture any remaining contaminants. This can include bacteria and other live organisms to remaining particles of dirt, chemicals and fecal matter.

The membrane is so fine that it can literally capture contaminants that are smaller than the diameter of human hair by 100,000 times. This purifies the water to a high degree so that less than 1/100th of the original contaminants are able to slip through the filtration system. When you realize the difference in your drinking water you will feel safer using water that comes into your home.

Imagine the eventual toll all of these contaminants can take on the human body over time and why it is so important to prevent these contaminants from entering your home through your water source.

General Electric water filters provide a high degree of reliability with a long standing company history of quality. Recalls, defect products and other such headaches have not plagued the company. Therefore buyer confidence and user confidence is very high.

When you start looking at water filtration systems for the home and for personal use, you start to notice that there is a difference in company quality. These differences can mean you trust a particular water filtration system more than others.

Shower filters, dishwasher filters, and home systems are also available through GE. Each system comes with the same type of filtration process and is considered to be effective up to 99.99%. Keeping all of the contaminants out of your home requires numerous filters or it requires one large system that is connected to the whole house.

Shower filters and refrigerator filters are very easy to slip into place. All of the filtration systems are designed to provide easy maintenance and easy filter changing. Complicated systems tend to be left alone for too long and they lose their effectiveness. Families that want real protection choose filtration systems that are simple and low maintenance.

General Electric water filters offer the consumer a wide variety of choice without forcing a choice in quality. Each filter is designed to be the best it can be so that the smaller, less expensive filters provide the same degree of protection that larger, more expensive filters provide. This is one reason why GE is one of the biggest producers of various water filtration systems.

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