Cuno Water Filters - From Home to Health Care

When it comes to one of the biggest names in water purification, Cuno water filters are right up at the top. They offer filtration systems for the home, for the food and beverage industry, for the health care industry, and even for specialized electronics and sterile environments.

As a world wide company with numerous state of the art manufacturing plants located internationally, Cuno water filters are based on a long history of purification research. What started in 1912 as a filtration plant for automobiles of all ironies turned into a purification company that is literally considered to be one of the best in the world.

Commercial filtration system have been used not only in some of the most prestigious establishments in the US, but also world wide. Their reputation comes through in a variety of ways.

Cuno water filers are not just taking on the corporate and medical drinking water supply. They also take on the home environment. The filtration industry grows by more than 5% annually because the sound water resources that are left throughout the world are being contaminated at such a rate. When homes and industries look toward filtration systems that are reliable, independent and effective, they often look toward Cuno.

While the company started off as an independent company manufacturing various purification membranes, it became a publicly traded company. This actually helped to increase quality control standards and improved innovation. The quality of the company and the products that they produced caught the attention of 3M.

In 2005, 3M set in forth acquisition of the company and have added more resources in order to make the product a stronger, more perfect entity. Thus, medical establishments that rely on pure water are able to get this from their system by doing nothing more than turning a nozzle. Scientific labs rely on the filtration systems for research progress.

Thus, imagine the quality of their home filtration and purification systems. Since they can earn the trust and reputation through independent testing to be used in medical and scientific establishments, imagine just how well they can provide a high quality reliable system for your home.

The company has been providing excellent filtration from the beginning. Over time, they have been able to single out various potentially harmful contaminants and ensure that their filtration system was able to weed it out. This helps prevent the contaminated drinking water that hides behind the tap from entering the lives of the people who use that water. This can be said throughout the world.

If you consider purchasing one of the Cuno water filters, you are looking into one of the top companies in the industry. While they don't heavily advertise and aren't as well known as some of the bigger name brand products, their quality is still unwavering. They aren't as well known because they don't need to advertise to the public.

Searching through the various possible home water filtration systems will almost always bring you to Cuno. Because of this, the filtration systems are able to maintain a reasonable price for the quality rather than paying for advertising.

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