The Krystal Pure Water Softener Is Salt Free

A Krystal Pure water softener is a salt free softener. Instead of using the traditional salt, the systems are designed to use a salt substitute. This is good news for those who struggle with the health effects of high sodium against the effects of chronic hard water exposure.

The absence of salt in the water means that less salt, or sodium, ends up in your body through drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene. Hypertension is often a significant concern when the need for a water softening system arises.

The design of the Krystal Pure water softener allows for the maximum possible energy efficiency of the unit. It uses a variable reserve system to prevent waste and to allow the water to be ready for use.

If your water use drops significantly or there are periods of time throughout the day when water use is not common, the system will wash away any of the salty build up that can be found in all water softening units. This automatic action makes maintenance a much easier task that requires little to no time.

One of the features of the Krystal Pure water softener includes a valve that allows for the use of tap water without softening to be used for those tasks that do not require softened water. Things like outdoor hose use can be tapped through on demand to either include softening treatment or exclude it.

This helps to increase the efficiency and reduce consumption of the salt substitute for projects that are neutral to the mineral overload found in the hard water. This is a great feature for those who use a lot of outdoor water during the warmer months.

You also get the benefit of choosing your level of preferred softness. Water that is too soft also has its share of problems. If you want to increase the softness or decrease the softness you can easily control it and make small adjustments to get just the right feel. This allows you to make adjustments all year long. In the winter season many people prefer a slightly softer feel to the water.

In the summer many people prefer just the opposite. This feature allows you to adjust the system any time for the most comfortable water ever.

Despite the Krystal Pure water softener full size capacity, the amount of room it takes to store one in the home is literally measured in inches. It is compact enough to fit in the smallest of spaces while it also is able to provide full service softening for the entire family in a large home.

The innovative design allows you to get the best of the compact units and the effectiveness of the large scale units without having to sacrifice one for the other. It's highly beneficial for households with limited space.

The water softening systems made by Krystal Pure are rugged and well designed. They offer high tech solutions to some of the most basic problems associated with water softening systems without requiring the user to be high tech. This is one of the systems that has revolutionized the average softening system by creating new solutions to age old problems.

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