The Morton Water Softener Is User Friendly

The Morton water softener is a system that is specifically designed to save money, save energy, and save you from having to deal with hassles.

The technology used to predict water use is considered to be one of the best designs in the industry. They call it "look ahead" technology. This technology does the automatic tracking of water use. Most suppliers of water softeners suggest that you track your family's water use to know how big the unit should be and how to most effectively find the unit that is right for you.

The technology used in the Morton water softener can take the information that it receives and then prepare an anticipated water use plan that keeps the water supply ready without being wasteful. It responds to changes in water use and recreates the map ahead of time if there's a period of time that the water usage ends up higher or lower.

For instance, over the holiday season many people run their dishwasher three times more often than they do during the summer months. Thus, the "look ahead" technology adjusts to the difference and then plans ahead to make sure that it is preconditioning the right amount of water.

This means that the regeneration is done effectively and efficiently and your household does not have to change its normal operations with a Morton water softener. Based on a similar concept to the central vacuum, the technology integrates the entire household into its planning stages and then responds with efficiency.

This cuts down on any potential water waste as much as it cuts down on the risk of having to change household routines in order to accommodate the water softener.

If you have a sudden need for additional water, you have the power to log into the system and over ride it in order to increase or significantly decrease production. This is very handy for things like going on vacation or for times when you need to fill up a family sized swimming pool in the back yard. The basic concept is to save you time and money. However, for those days when the unit can't anticipate your needs based on previous patterns, you don't have to waste time waiting for it to catch up.

With all this technology, the Morton water softener is also quite compact so that you do not have to dedicate a lot of additional space to the unit.

Smaller homes can find a place for it just as easily as larger homes. Because of the compact design, the unit tends to fit in with most households and provides a high enough level of efficiency that some people find that their water use goes down. When using hard water you often have to use more of it to get the job done.

With softened water, there is not a need for additional water to do everything you need and thus you end up saving on your water bill as well. It turns into a win-win situation.

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