Use The Lancaster Water Softener For Better Water Quality

A Lancaster water softener provides you with the technology and the style you need to eliminate hard water problems and start enjoying your water. The line of products ranges from the small units for on demand softening to larger units that are timed and designed to maintain a continuous flow of household water that has been treated.

There are three basic series of softeners available. The Legacy series, the Pacesetter series, and the Heritage series combine to make the Lancaster water softener line.

The Legacy series gives you 98% water efficiency, meaning that very little water is lost during the softening process. It comes with a very simple to use push button design to make it highly user friendly. The simple maintenance takes only moments and if the softener requires any service, the system is very easy to access.

It is available in a single unit for smaller spaces as well as a dual tank version for larger households. The Legacy series also comes with a long term power independent memory system so that all configurations are maintained in the event of the loss of power.

The Heritage series also offers different types of the Lancaster water softener line, allowing for customization. These softeners come as small as 24,000 grain and as large as 60,000 for the proper softening capabilities. There is also a model that will remove the excess iron on top of the other water hardening minerals that can be problematic.

The units can be adjusted, configured, and properly prepped within a self contained system at the dealer prior to shipping or arrival. This makes it much easier to install and improves performance. This one also comes in a single tank unit to help save space as well as the larger model with the dual tank design.

The Pacesetter series is available in 24,000 to 45,000 grain for water softening accuracy. The unit should be configured at the dealer prior to shipping. There is an automatic valve that adjusts to the ebb and flow of water supply demands. The engineering of this series is complex to make the use of the units very easy.

The water softening capacity of this series is directly in line with the normal range of use required in most households. With a clock or metered regeneration, using soft water for all your daily needs is simple and reliable. By following this link you can read about one of the premier sources for ratings.

A Lancaster water softener comes to you directly out of Lancaster, PA and is designed to offer you a model that fits directly with your family's household needs. With the range of models, contemporary and traditional designs, and the reliability of the units, you shouldn't have a problem finding exactly what you need to ensure that your hard water problems are no longer problems.

Softening the water in your home is good for everyone. Your skin, your hair, and your health will notice a difference immediately. That is the premise of using a high quality water softening system that can remove the contaminants that make your water uncomfortable and generally unsafe, especially in households with growing children.

The impurities that the Lancaster filters help to remove include: - the hardness film - bad smells - scale build up (usually caused by too much iron) - viruses - micro-bacteria - sulpher - chlorine - fluoride - arsenic - cadmium - and many more...

Also from Lancaster, PA, is another small manufacturer, Waterfall Systems . What is wrong with the local water supply there?

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