Boat Water Filters

When travelling by boat, water filters are an integral part of your provisions. On long voyages, your fresh water supply can become stale and unpleasant, and can also develop algae and bacterial growth that can endanger your health.

Some boats may not have the capacity to carry enough fresh water to sustain all of its occupants for a long ocean voyage, so a reliable desalinization system needs to be present.

Reverse osmosis is the best method of desalinization to date, and any ocean-bound vessel should be equipped with one, regardless of the size of the craft. Even a short fishing trip can turn into a life-threatening experience if one unexpectedly encounters stormy weather and gets blown off course.

Reverse osmosis effectively removes everything from the water by forcing the water through a dense membrane, which is permeable only by the water itself. The process does take a considerable amount of time and requires a lot of seawater to make a small amount of purified water, but when you are surrounded by open ocean, seawater is one thing of which you will have no shortage. Most boat water filters are reverse osmosis systems for this reason.

When shopping for boat water filters, be sure to take into consideration the size and passenger capacity of your craft, where it will be used, and the length of time the boat will be at sea.

For boats that are used on lakes only, you may not necessarily need a reverse osmosis system because you will be surrounded by fresh water. You will most likely need a method of filtration and sterilization if you plan to use the lake as a source of water. For this, a filter that uses charcoal, ceramic, or a combination of the two would be sufficient, although it might still be wise to sterilize the water with chlorine or ultraviolet light to ensure that it is disease-free.

For ocean going craft, reverse osmosis is really the only viable choice. Because reverse osmosis is such a slow process, you will need to select a system with a large enough capacity to accommodate the maximum number of passengers that will be aboard at any given time.

You should also stock an ample supply of fresh drinking water to start with so that you will not need to worry about people having to wait for water. The reverse osmosis system can continually replenish the water supply as it is being used. On large vessels such as yachts, where parties involving large numbers of people often take place, the host needn’t be concerned about running out of enough ice and water to supply party guests with beverages.

Boat water filters such as reverse osmosis systems not only make any marine outing safer and more enjoyable, they can actually save lives in the event of an unexpected mishap like getting lost at sea. When you set out on a voyage with a reverse osmosis system on board, you will have peace of mind knowing you will always have enough water.

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