Garden Hose Water Filter

You might wonder why you would need a garden hose water filter, but if you think about it, it makes sense.

We know that the soil in any garden is teeming with micro organisms, some of which are beneficial and some that are not so beneficial. Beneficial micro organisms help maintain a healthy balance in the soil and break down organic matter to nourish the plants. In order for your garden to grow to its maximum potential, this natural balance should not be disturbed.

Watering is an essential part of garden maintenance, but most people never consider the possibility that the water they are using to keep their plants alive may be hindering their growth by upsetting the natural balance of healthy bacteria. This is where the garden hose water filter comes in.

Most municipal water systems are chlorinated to ensure that the water is safe to drink. The addition of chlorine to household tap water gets rid of most common bacterial contaminants, but after all of the bacteria is dead and gone the chlorine remains in the water. It is commonplace for people to filter their drinking water to remove chlorine and improve the taste, but they seldom think about the impact that chlorine in the water can have on garden soil. The chlorine may kill harmful bacteria in the water, but it can also kill beneficial bacteria in the soil, preventing your garden from flourishing the way you expect it to. Beneficial bacteria in the soil can also provide natural pest control and prevent infestation by many types of common garden pests.

Even if you have your own well, your garden can benefit from the filtration of your garden hose water. Well water is not necessarily better than water from a municipal water supply because it may contain high levels of minerals such as iron, sulphur or sodium, which can accumulate in the soil and hinder the normal growth of the plants.

A garden hose water filter offers a simple solution to the watering dilemma. It is a simple device designed to attach to any outdoor tap, and the garden hose screws right onto it. Your garden hose water is filtered right at the source, so the water that goes to the plants is free from chlorine and other plant-damaging substances.

The filter is similar to the ones found in a water purifier pitcher, or the ones that attach to a kitchen faucet. The cartridge contains layers of sand and charcoal, which filter impurities out of the water. Removing chlorine and other impurities from the water can help you grow a truly organic vegetable garden.

Watering your garden with a garden hose water filter attached to your hose can yield amazing results. It has been known that stunted, discoloured plants turn a rich dark green in a matter of days and growth will happen seemingly overnight. Those tall, healthy plants and large dark green leaves are your reward, along with the delicious vegetables that you and your family will enjoy all summer long!

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