Water Bottle Filter

For clean water on the go, a water bottle filter is a convenient and environmentally friendly tool that no hiker should be without.

Whether you are travelling in an area that has no safe water source, or just want to improve the taste and quality of ordinary tap water, a filtered water bottle can provide you with a consistent source of clean, great tasting drinking water. Simply fill the bottle from any water source and the filter does the rest.

The water bottle filter has gained immense popularity as the bottled water craze has continued to lose momentum. Once the must-have accessory for any health-minded individual, the disposable water bottle has contributed to a huge environmental problem. Despite recycling efforts, billions and billions of tiny plastic bottles have been piling up in landfills in unprecedented proportions.

It is argued that filtered water bottles will one day replace the single serving disposable water bottle as a back country staple and workplace accessory. We now know that bottled water isn’t necessarily the cleanest water. Even testing of major brands of bottled water has shown it to be no better, and sometimes worse than tap water. Some bottled water sits inside those plastic containers for months, even years before it is drunk, during which time temperature fluctuations can trigger the release of hazardous dioxins from the single-use plastic bottle into the water.

When you drink bottled water, you have no way of knowing how long the water has been in the bottle or how long it has been stored. When you use a filtered water bottle, filter material inside the neck of the bottle automatically cleans the water as it passes through, giving you a guaranteed clean drink of water every time. There is no question as to how long the water has been in the bottle, and you know where it comes from because of course, you have filled the bottle yourself.

There are different types of water bottle filters, all designed for different uses. For simply improving the quality of tap water in the workplace or schools, for example, an inexpensive bottle with a built-in carbon filter would suffice. In this case, you are not dealing with a potentially lethal water supply; just perhaps one that is mildly contaminated and poor tasting.

The military uses filtered water bottles that are designed for extreme conditions, and these bottles are capable of literally purifying water from virtually any source and making it safe to drink. They use a combination of ultra-fine ceramic micro filters and carbon, often with a disinfectant agent included to eliminate viruses that are able to pass through the filter. These bottles are vital survival tools in countries where the only available water can kill. They can be filled from any water source, whether it is a river, swamp or even a puddle, and produce clean, safe drinking water.

According to Unicef, distribution of drinking bottles with this type of sophisticated water bottle filter could save thousands of lives every day in countries where people die on a daily basis due to the poor quality of the drinking water.

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