Portable Water Filter

A portable water filter can have many different uses. Also known as a point of use system, this type of filter can be used when camping, boating, hiking or when travelling in foreign countries. It is also a useful addition to any emergency supply kit.

The type of portable water filter you choose depends on what you need it for, though budget may also be a factor for some people.

For example, a filtered water bottle can be extremely handy when hiking, while a portable reverse osmosis water purifier can be a very valuable tool to carry on a boat because of its ability to remove the salt from sea water. For camping and backpacking, pump style and gravity fed water purifiers are available in various sizes, to suit different water requirements.

Filtered water bottles and canteens are becoming increasingly more popular as people are beginning to understand the negative impact that bottled water is having on the environment. Filtered bottles are reusable and can be filled from any tap, although when using water from rivers or streams, some method of disinfection must be used first to ensure that all viruses and bacteria are eliminated.

Portable reverse osmosis water purifiers are capable of removing virtually all contaminants from water, and disinfection is not necessary unless you are dealing with a water source that is severely contaminated.

Ceramic micro filters use fine porous ceramic to trap contaminants, and are nearly as effective as reverse osmosis when it comes to eliminating all contaminants. Most water purifier bottles and pump style filters use a combination of a ceramic filter and carbon filter to make water safe for drinking as well as make it taste better.

Probably the most portable of all water filters is a filtered drinking straw. A filtered drinking straw is great when travelling, and is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. A filtered drinking straw lasts up to 9 months, filtering 500 litres of water before needing to be replaced.

When disaster strikes, many people find themselves with no form of water treatment in their homes. For example, Hurricane Katrina not only left people homeless but with no source of clean water for miles and miles. Having a reliable water purification system on hand in the event of a disaster can prevent serious illness and even save lives. In disasters such as floods when people are forced to evacuate their homes, it is helpful to have a portable, easy to carry emergency kit available, that you can take with you when you leave. Along with first aid supplies and other necessities, your emergency kit should include water purification tablets and a portable water filter.

When travelling in foreign countries, it is important to carry some form of water purification, but keep in mind that in some cases a portable water filter may not be enough. While filters can remove larger-sized bacteria, viruses are small enough that they can still slip through even the finest filter. Be sure to also carry a reliable method of sterilization such as chlorine tablets or an ultraviolet steripen.

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