Sears Water Softener - Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Kenmore, the flagship brand of Sears water softener, is a trusted name in appliances of every description, so it isn’t much of a surprise that a Sears water softener is also sold under the Kenmore brand name.

People who might have use for a Sears water softener usually live in homes that have water sources rich in minerals. They typically experience most of the common problems encountered with hard water. It’s caused mainly by high levels of calcium in the water.

The calcium leaves a chalky coating on everything the water comes in contact with. This chalky substance causes all sorts of problems in the household. It makes tiles and chrome fixtures look dull and cloudy no matter how much you polish them. It leaves unsightly spots on dishes and makes the colors of your laundry look dull and the texture of the fabrics feel rough.

It has the same effect on your hair and skin when you bathe in it. Your skin feels dry and your hair feels heavy due to the buildup caused by the hard water. One of the reasons for this is that hard water impedes the ability of soaps and detergents to do their job properly. It prevents them from lathering well and also prevents them from properly rinsing away.

Typically you will find yourself using twice the amount of laundry soap or shampoo just to achieve cleanliness, only to be left with excess soap residue that won’t rinse away.

Hard water also wreaks havoc on appliances. It shortens the life of your washing machine, dishwasher and water heater due to the accumulation of calcium-based mineral deposits inside the appliances.

This calcium-based mineral substance is known as scale, or mineral scale . It adheres to any surface that is touched by the water, first in the form of a chalky film. Over time, untreated water adds layer after layer of this film until it forms a hard shell similar to an eggshell. This shell thickens and thickens, clogging water pipes and the insides of appliances.

Inside the water heater this shell prevents the heating element from doing its job effectively because it covers the element with an insulating coating. This means that the heater must run almost continuously to keep the water heated. It’s easy to understand why a water heater that is coated with mineral scale won’t last as long as it is supposed to.

Replacing an appliance such as this is rather costly. It’s much more cost effective to install a water treatment system than it is to replace the water heater every few years.

A Sears water softener is designed to be cost effective and environmentally friendly. Regeneration is initiated upon demand rather than at set intervals of time. This means that less salt and water are wasted. It comes with several helpful features such as the Ultra Cleanse function, which prevents larger sediment from making its way into the household water system, protecting appliances and keeping drinking water clean and clear.

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