Water Boss Water Softener - A Complete Water Treatment System

A Water Boss water softener is going to significantly improve the water quality in your household, which will improve the quality of life for everyone in your family. It’s a product that does more than simply soften water; it’s a complete water treatment system.

If your home has hard water, then you may know very well all of the problems that can be caused by the accumulation of mineral scale. Your detergents and soaps aren’t working very well, the water heater runs with less efficiency than it should, and shower heads are continually becoming clogged. Your laundry has a dull appearance and your tiles and bathroom fixtures are coated with a white chalky film. Scale is caused by excess calcium in the water, but it can be eliminated successfully with a water treatment system.

Households with wells also experience other problems besides just scale buildup. High levels of iron are common in well water, and this mineral can cause an entirely different set of problems. Iron can give laundry, dishes and tiles a rusty appearance and can even cause discoloration in foods when used for cooking. Who wants to eat potatoes that are the color of rust?

Sediment is another problem common with water sources that are based in wells and springs. Sediment can clog shower heads and faucet screens, and it isn’t a pleasant thing to have in your food. Sediment can be removed with an on-tap filter or water filter pitcher. Another impurity that can be removed through filtration is chlorine, a substance commonly added to water to kill bacteria.

A Water Boss water softener will take care of all water treatment needs for an entire household. Its unique design does the job of several water purification devices. Water passes through a built-in filter that removes sediment and chlorine, then is softened with salt, which neutralizes the calcium. The built-in filter is self-cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about buying costly filters or having to change them.

With a Water Boss water softener, there’s no need for additional filtration or other purification methods; one unit does it all. Eliminating the need for multiple devices saves you money as well as simplifies your life.

The one of a kind built-in filtration system makes the Water Boss water softener one of the most unique water treatment systems available as well as one of the most efficient. It removes sediment as well as neutralizes calcium and also eliminates iron, chlorine and many other impurities from the water. The water that comes from your taps will be clean, delicious and soft; perfect for bathing, cooking or just for drinking.

With a whole house water treatment system such as the Water Boss, there will be no longer be any need to use extra detergents or add any water softeners to baths and laundry loads. Your appliances will last longer and run more efficiently and your laundry will look cleaner and brighter. Best of all, you will enjoy great taste straight from the tap!

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