Surge Water Softener - Quality Equipment With Personalized Service

When you buy a Surge water softener, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality piece of equipment.

The Surge water softener is manufactured by the Surge Water Treatment Company, formed in 1970 in Minnesota. It started out as a family owned and operated business that supplied Minnesota homeowners with the Surge water softener for residential use.

Today, they continue to provide the residents of Minnesota with quality water softening equipment along with the personalized service that you can only get from a family-run company.

You might be wondering if you actually need a water softener. One way is to have your water tested for hardness, or mineral content, but there are several easily recognizable signs that will tell you without having to test, whether or not you have hard water that might potentially cause problems in your home.

Hard water is primarily caused by calcium, although there are other minerals that can be present in the water as well.

Hard water also typically contains magnesium and often iron as well, but these two minerals don’t cause the same sort of problems that calcium can. Calcium leaves a white chalky coating on everything. If you have hard water, you may have noticed this. Nothing shines, no matter how hard you scrub. Soap doesn’t rinse away the way it is supposed to. This soap scum accumulates on tiles, sinks and bathtubs and also builds up in the fibres of clothing and other laundry. It makes fabrics feel rough and colors look dull and faded. It also makes your hair feel heavy and lifeless and your skin dry.

These are the hard water problems that are easy to see with the naked eye, but they aren’t the worst of the issues that excess calcium in the water can cause. The same chalky buildup that you see on your tiles, dishes and laundry is also accumulating inside water pipes and appliances. This eggshell-like coating can become so thick that it restricts water flow and can eventually even clog the pipes completely. The same thing happens inside any appliances that happen to use water.

There is one more appliance that is often forgotten – the hot water heater. Always full of water and always working to keep the water heated, the water heater is a vital part of any household but often one of the most neglected.

Hard water takes its toll on the water heater because the mineral scale forms a shell on the heating element, insulating it and forcing the heater to work overtime. It’s common knowledge that any appliance that needs to work harder has a shorter life span. Not only does hard water cost you more in electrical bills trying to heat the water, it also kills your water heater before its time, forcing you to replace it.

You can solve your hard water problems by installing a good quality water treatment system such as a Surge water softener. Enjoy clean, bright laundry, shining fixtures and peace of mind, knowing that your appliances are protected and working up to their full potential.

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