What Are The Benefits Of Water Softener Powder?

A water softener powder can help you deal with the problems associated with hard water in many instances, and it’s very easy to use. Simply add the recommended amount of the product to laundry loads, bath water or any other water that needs softening.

Hard water prevents laundry detergent, shampoo and soap from doing their job properly. It takes much more than the recommended amount to work up lather and you find yourself buying twice as much of these products as you should have to. It also prevents detergents from rinsing out properly.

Laundry is left with a build-up of soap scum that gives it a chalky, heavy feeling and dulls the colors of the fabrics. The same soap scum is left on skin and hair after bathing, and on dishes and everything else the water touches.

A water softener powder can’t address all of the problems caused by hard water, but it can take care of problems anywhere that it can be added to wash water.

One of the most famous brands of water softener powder is Calgon, a product name which is a combination of the words Calcium Gone. Originally made from amorphous sodium polyphosphate, the substance was found to solve hard water problems by reacting with the calcium ions in the water to prevent the formation of mineral scale. By neutralizing the calcium, it transformed hard water into softened water.

Many of us still remember Calgon’s famous slogans, “Ancient Chinese Secret” and “Calgon, take me away!” By adding the product to baths and laundry loads, you could make your bath water feel silky soft and make your laundry whiter and brighter. It’s not just hype; it really does work. It’s a proven fact that hard water makes it more difficult to get your laundry as clean and bright as it could be, and the addition of a powdered water softening product such as Calgon can make a dramatic improvement.

Adding the product to your bath water has a similar effect in that shampoos and soaps have richer lather and the water doesn’t leave a heavy film on your skin and hair. You can also add it to the dishwasher to prevent the water from leaving spots and a cloudy film on the dishes. It makes detergents more effective by neutralizing the minerals that prevent them from working properly.

Another popular brand of water softener powder that has been around for many years is 20 Mule Team Borax. Sold in the same section where you buy your laundry detergents, Borax is commonly used in laundry loads the same way Calgon is used, to brighten and whiten laundry and prevent the buildup of mineral scale.

Another advantage of adding a powdered water softening product to your laundry loads is that it extends the life span of the washing machine. Water softener prevents mineral scale from building up inside the machine and clogging the pump. It’s a small investment, but a water softening powder is well worth it.

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