Use Berkey Water Filters For Large Amounts Of Clean Water

Berkey water filters come in a range of portable filter sizes. Their stainless steel personal filtration systems give you access to clean water in large amounts anywhere in the world.

If you have a family and are traveling through contaminated water areas or just one person using the system at home, there is a filter size that's perfect for your needs. These water filters are great for taking along to large group gatherings as well in order to provide everyone with great tasting, clean, purified water.

Berkey water filters are excellent for reducing or eliminating existing lead, aluminum MTBE , mercury, pesticides, herbicides, protozoa, and bacteria plus a great deal more. At the very least you can count on the filters processing 3000 gallons of water. In many cases you'll find that these filters can process twice that amount.

The water drips through the filtration system and collects in a holding unit that is generally about 2 to 3 gallons in capacity. Thus, the personal filtration tends to be more than reasonable for daily use.

One of the most beneficial concepts of Berkey water filters is that they are free standing units. Whether you go with the stainless steel version or you are looking for the copolyester version, each unit can be placed on any flat surface that will support it. On the go drinking water or even drinking water can remain accessible to anyone just by filling the container and allowing the water to filter through. It's portable, moveable and sturdy enough to stay in one place for as long as you need it to.

Each size offers different filter element quantities. You can use as many as 8 for the largest size. This design ensures that the water you pour into the filtration system is thoroughly filtered before drinking. The number of filtration elements doesn't change the quality of the filtration, it only ensures that you're getting the proper filtration per water ounce.

The largest filter can cleanse debris and potentially dangerous toxins and contaminants as fast as 26 gallons per hour. For any kind of large gathering this could mean the difference between everybody having free access to clean drinking water and only a limited number of people having access to it.

These filters have been left in areas where no purification is available for the residents of a tribe or village to share. The filter replacements are brought in on schedule and the villages have clean drinking water, often for the first time.

Unfortunately, no drinking water is really considered safe regardless of where it is filtered or how it comes to you. Homes, businesses, and public services like hospitals are all at risk of passing on pollutants that can cause harm to those who drink the water. The popularity of the portable but stable Berkey water filters is in part a testament to the quality. It is also a sign of ease of use, ease of handling, and the overall taste of the final product.

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