Paragon Water Filters for the Shower and Home

Paragon water filters for the shower come in a unique range of styles.

The filters for the shower are discreetly hidden inside functional, attractive shower heads so that you can have the benefit of filtered water even in the shower.

Scientific evidence has shown that the skin absorbs toxins in much the same way that the digestive system soaks up toxins. That means that showering in unfiltered water can be hazardous to your health in the same way that drinking unfiltered water can be hazardous to your health.

When you first look at Paragon water filters for the shower it looks like you're just picking out a new shower head rather than choosing a filter. Fortunately, the line offers rain shower heads, hand held shower heads, and integrated shower heads. This makes it easy to filter your shower water without having to give up your favorite type of shower head.

With attractive features and fully functioning options these heads provide a high pressure level while cleansing out the toxins from your daily shower water. There is also the option to install a filter on the shower hose if you prefer to keep your present shower head.

Of course, Paragon water filters are also available for the home. You can use filters that sit on the counter top or you can use those that sit under the sink. The counter top kitchen filters come in chrome as well as the no maintenance version. With these you can either install your own faucet or use the one that comes with it. The chrome is clearly as modern as any kitchen can be.

The no maintenance version will fit into most kitchens as well. You don't have to choose between clean and healthy drinking water and a look that goes well with your kitchen. You can have both.

When you opt to filter your water at home you are literally cleaning out some of the most dangerous toxins that exist. Even in the most acculturated environments there are still many dangerous water borne contaminants that can cause serious illness and in some cases, death. Water borne contaminants can be live, such as protozoa or bacteria, or they can be non-live such as chemicals. Either way, constant exposure to such things seriously impacts your drinking water.

Think of everything that you do with your tap water on a daily basis. Hand washing special dishes in water that is loaded with contaminants is rather counterintuitive. Using straight tap water to mix up some baby formula or to wash your hands after gardening leaves you only with an illusion. You don't want the bacteria or chemicals that remain on your hands to leech into your skin any more than you want to feed a baby chlorine bleach.

Paragon water filters eliminate the hazards by almost 100%. Bear in mind that nothing is 100% effective but coming close to 100% is a lot more secure than blindly hoping nobody gets ill from your daily tap water and shower water use.

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