How To Find Parts For Discontinued Equinox Water Filters

If you're looking for Equinox water filters and their corresponding parts, you have probably realized that the company went out of business. This actually wasn't due to a poor quality water filtration system. Equinox, which started in 1991, was a very successful company at the time. The filtration systems were considered high quality and the product line took off.

Equinox water filters were considered the prime of their day. In fact their Shower Mate is still considered the best selling water filtration system for the shower of all time. Most of their filter products sold well, were well used, and were part of a huge launch in the industry.

Today however, it is important to realize that what might look like new Equinox water filters and their corresponding parts are actually not new. They have pretty much outlived their shelf life since their manufacturing date was more than 7 years ago. If you're trying to use one, you probably aren't receiving the actual filtration that it was designed to deliver.

All filtration products have a limited shelf life. Eventually the filtering elements break down and become defective. Even the best filters will do this. That's why it's important to change your filter on schedule even if you don't use the gallon maximum.

For instance, using a filtration system on a beach house that is only occupied one month out of the entire year would still require a timely change. The components of the filter can only remain effective for a limited period of time and then you end up using a filter without any actual effectiveness. Thus, you're still drinking and using contaminated water.

In 2001, the company was repurchased by the original founder and production was moved to another line and another company name. PureNclean is now the company producing what used to be Equinox. You can still receive appropriate replacement parts that coincide with most of the Equinox brand filter systems.

If you have a system that does not have coinciding filters, it is definitely worth your time to talk to a company representative and discover what deals can be made regarding switching brand names.

It's not that unusual for a filtration system to eventually be replaced by another. As our knowledge of pollutants grows and our understanding of risk factors becomes more evident we are chronically trying to regroup and live up to the quality standards that create clean drinking and bathing water.

Since we can't rely solely on government testing and reports, we have to look to the private sector for the most accurate information. This means that sometimes the development of a new product is necessary in order to continually deliver the high filtration quality within any given system.

Equinox water filters are excellent filters. It's only their discontinuation that makes them no longer a viable option. It's ironic that you can still find retailers selling the stock either online or in the store. If you need water filtration as we all do and you are holding onto an Equinox brand, perhaps it would be best if you contact the new company and discuss your needs with them in order to enjoy safe, clean water from every tap in your home.

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