Water Pik Filters Are Not Just For Your Teeth

While Water Pik is a name synonymous with clean teeth, Water Pik filters go beyond that and directly to your internal health.

Every day our drinking water supply is threatened by a wide host of potential disasters. The use of chemicals and the naturally occurring contaminants tend to find their way to every drinking water supply in the world.

In the United States, the drinking water supply is considered to be among the most threatened worldwide.

Adding Water Pik filters to your faucets or directly to your piping can help decrease the chance of experiencing any harmful health effects posed by the hazards in the drinking water. The threat level without a filter is considerable. The threat with a filter is reduced by as much as 99.99%. This is a significant difference especially when you consider what you could be drinking when you swig unfiltered water.

Water Pik filters are excellent for diffusing the threat by clearing away the chlorine added to the main water supply by the government. Add to that their ability to reduce the threat even further by cleansing away and trapping microscopic organisms that tend to thrive in our waterways and water supplies. These tiny organisms can enter your digestive system and cause everything from mild irritation to death. Eliminating the risk of this happening is no harder than attaching a clean filter twice every year.

Just because you might live outside of the city, it does not mean that your drinking water supply is any safer than those residing inside the city. Farms are notorious for their use of pesticides and herbicides and these chemicals translate into trouble for the wells and community water supplies.

These are toxic chemicals that not only prevent crops from being ruined, but can also damage the health of an individual if the exposure is either high enough or frequent enough. Road spills from cars, runoff from personal garages or car mechanic garages, and outdoor household spills also seep into the ground water. Manure runs into the streams and finds its way into the ground water quickly.

Imagine how many different chemicals that there must be in your area just by counting the farms, gardens, and garages!

The ordinary things that we do on a daily basis can cause damage to the ground water. This can include driving, turning the lights on and other energy consumption, using detergents in and out of machines, as well as neglecting to pick up after one's cat or dog can easily be a simple but effective addition to the ground water threat.

If you sat down and looked at a list of all the potential contaminants that can easily find their way to the drinking water , you'll probably be relieved if you're just drinking bleach infused by the government to the water supply. However, just adding a filter to the home can minimize the threat, eliminate or significantly reduce contaminants, and protect your health.

There's no need to stop using the water that is plumbed into your home. Simply add Water Pik filters to your main line or faucets to receive the benefits of real protection.

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