Seagull Water Filters Are A Green Filtration System

Seagull water filters aren't green and environmentally sound today because it's fashionable or it's the best way to win over consumers. They have been a company dedicated to operating with the least imprint on the environment as possible for more than 35 years.

Green products and services are suddenly everywhere. It's like a catch phrase. In many cases, it is not even really true; it’s more about clever marketing. However, if you take a look back over the history of the company you'll find that Seagull has been protecting the environment as well as consumers for a very long time.

The award winning filters produced by Seagull have been revolutionizing the industry for more than 3 decades. Their filters do not waste water or have what is known as "hold time."

Each filter is also designed to use no electricity, which was an unheard of development at the time and is still not all that common for household filtration systems. There is no chemical use for these filters so there is no waste product and there is no added contaminant in the water.

While accomplishing all this well before the catch phrase was invented, Seagull water filters were producing full lines of ecologically sound products that worked better than their competitors’ products. They have had independent testing performed to periodically but consistently ensure that their filtration systems are removing the highest possible percentage of bacteria, cysts, viral hazards and other contaminants.

So, if the Seagull water filters are really this advanced you might be wondering just how hard they are to maintain. It's difficult to rely on a filtration system when the maintenance is not reasonable or suitable for your lifestyle.

Almost every filtration system that Seagull has produced has actually been about as maintenance free as you can get. Sure, you have to change the filter from time to time like other systems, but there is no mixing of chemicals, no elaborate trap door cleaning process, and no reason to have to consistently tamper with the filter systems.

They are also the leaders in maximizing flow. Water filtration systems are notorious for reducing the water flow within the pipes, which thereby reduces the water pressure that you receive. With the high flow technology that they use, your water pressure doesn't drop like it can with some of the other filtration systems on the market.

Plastic bottle use for water consumption has skyrocketed. While it is not just very expensive to purchase drinking water like this, it is terrible for the environment. Many of the recycling plants in even the most advanced cities use a burning process to recycle plastics. This burning process creates additional VOCs that go into the air. The pollutants that are created even by recycling plastic bottles are almost as hazardous as not recycling them at all. Only a few recycling plants globally have taken it upon themselves to change the method of their recycling to protect the environment.

Using Seagull water filters is a great step toward becoming greener at home, limiting plastic bottle use, conserving water resources, and limiting energy consumption.

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