Boss Water Softener - For an All-in-one Unit

A Boss water softener will considerably improve the quality of all of the water that your household uses, thereby improving the quality of life for you and your family. This product can be considered as more than just a water softening unit because it does much more than just soften the water.

As anyone who has a well knows, hard water can cause a variety of problems due to the build-up of mineral scale. You will notice that soaps and detergents don’t work as well, stains appear on bathroom fixtures and hot water heaters run with less efficiency. Not to mention the taste, smell and feel of the water for bathing, drinking and cooking.

The Boss water softener can take care of all of your household’s water purification needs. It has a unique patented design that features multiple compartments, making it essentially like 3 products in 1. It filters sediment, removes chlorine and softens water by neutralizing mineral salts.

This is why it is considered to be a complete water treatment system. This means that there is no need to purchase additional water filters or purifiers, saving you money as well as space.

In a Boss water softener, the water passes through a patented whole house sediment and dirt filter. This self cleaning sediment and dirt filter is built right into the unit, and the water passes through it before it even enters the tank. It catches any sediment that might have come up from the well as well as debris or build-up that might have broken away from the insides of the pipes.

In the sediment and dirt filter is a special neoprene screen, which is laser welded onto the unit’s polypropylene tank. The filter is packed with a special substance known as Ultrafil, which is capable of trapping particles smaller than 20 microns, which is smaller than the human eye is able to see. Because this patented filter is built in and self-cleaning, there will be no need to buy separate filters and no need to change filters. This filter is just one of the features that makes the Boss water softener unique and one of the most efficient water treatment units on the market.

In addition to removing sediment, a Water Boss system removes iron, chlorine, calcium and many other contaminants that affect the taste, odor and quality of household water. With other water softening units, separate water filtration would be required in order to accomplish this.

There is no need for a faucet mounted filter or water purification pitcher to remove chlorine and metals because the Boss does it all for you, for the entire household. And of course, the Boss also still serves its primary function as a highly effective water softener.

For an all-in-one unit that softens water, prevents scale build-up, filters sediment and eliminates metals, the Boss is really the only logical choice. Available in several different models, it is easy to find one that will suit virtually every budget and household size.

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