Cuno Water Softener – Ideal For Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

A Cuno water softener with a scale inhibitor will improve the taste of water, but there is another benefit to installing these devices in a restaurant or commercial kitchen.

Eliminating scale from the insides of commercial food and beverage machines can reduce equipment failure by up to 75%, which in turn will reduce maintenance costs, ensuring the equipment lasts a great deal longer.

Commercial food and beverage equipment is very costly to buy, so no restaurant owner wants to have to replace equipment if it can be helped. The object is to give expensive equipment the best care possible to reduce breakdowns and make it last as long as possible. Beverage machines, steamers, dishwashers and ice machines can all benefit from the addition of a scale inhibiting device.

The Cuno water softener filter is popular with restaurant owners because it helps protect expensive machines such as espresso makers, ice machines and dishwashers by preventing scale from building up inside them. It is especially beneficial for use with ice machines because the ice will have a clearer appearance and will break up more easily than ice made from water not softened with a Cuno water softener.

Softened water also vastly improves the flavor of ice, coffee and anything else that is made with water. A scale inhibitor will adversely affect the taste of soda, so for soda dispensers, a special filter without a scale inhibitor should be used.

There are two options with this type of water softening system. One is to use individual filters for each appliance and the other is to install a central filter that softens the water for all of the devices. Keeping in mind that the soda dispenser should be bypassed, be sure to use a unit that is equipped with a bypass for the scale inhibitor so that the soda dispenser will not be affected.

There are also special filters designed for espresso machines that both soften the water and inhibit the build-up of scale at the same time. These types of filters are designed to work only with cold water, so for the hot water feed that leads to a commercial dishwasher, a scale inhibitor alone should be used. In a restaurant it’s a given that all dishes look sparkling clean.

Using a scale inhibitor on commercial dishwashers and glass washers not only protects the inner workings of the machines, it also eliminates the minerals that cause spots and cloudy build-up on dishes and glasses.

Cuno water softener filters come in one size that is suited for all possible applications, which is convenient because you only have to buy one size. Watch for the telltale signs that will indicate that it is time to change the filter. Some of these signs include a decrease in water pressure, a scale build-up inside equipment and a funny smell of taste in water and ice. Spots on glasses and dishes are another sign that it is time to change the filter, but ideally they should be changed every 6 months for optimum results.

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