Calgon Water Softener Is Known For Making Laundry Look Brighter and Whiter

Since the 1970s, Calgon water softener has been known for its ability to make laundry look brighter and whiter.

Everybody remembers the line from that old commercial about the “Ancient Chinese secret”. But the secret behind Calgon is really no secret at all - just a bit of basic science. The original Calgon formula was made up of amorphous sodium polyphosphate. When added to water, it reacted with calcium ions and other substances and prevented the formation of mineral salts. The name of the product, Calgon, is short for Calcium Gone.

The main purpose of a water softener is to transform hard water into soft water by neutralizing certain minerals commonly found in water. Minerals are healthy in reasonable doses, so it’s usually good to have small amounts of them in your drinking water.

In some areas, water is harder than in others and can lead to problems including an unpleasant taste and smell, stains on clothing, sinks and showers and scale deposits inside washing machines and other appliances. This mineral scale gives shower tiles and other fixtures a dull, chalky film that seems to be almost impossible to remove, even with diligent scrubbing and polishing.

The addition of a water softener prevents these deposits from forming, making it easy to make everything shine.

The elimination of these salts has a number of benefits, including making bath water softer and laundry cleaner. It also prevents mineral build-up from causing unsightly stains in the shower.

You may wonder how softening the water can improve the appearance of laundry. The minerals in hard water can cause dirt and detergent to become trapped between the fibres of the fabric, building up over time and making the clothing appear faded and dull.

Adding Calgon water softener to each wash load will neutralize hard water minerals and prevent detergent and dirt from becoming trapped in the clothes. This may sound like a commercial, but it’s the truth - the result is brighter colors and whiter whites. It helps make a regular detergent more effective because it makes it able to do its job more easily.

Using a water softener such as Calgon is also supposed to extend the life of your washing machine by preventing the build up of calcium and lime scale deposits on the inside of the washing machine, keeping the tub clean and protecting the inside of the pumping mechanism.

When Calgon water softener was first introduced on the market in 1933, it was promoted for use in cleaning and bathing. Over time, many more uses were found for this product. Subsequently other companies jumped on board with their versions, altering the formula slightly. The original Calgon company has been sold off in several pieces, each with a more specific purpose. For example, Calgon Bath and Beauty Products became famous for the catch phrase from its commercials, “Calgon, take me away!”.

The original formula of Calgon water softener is different than it was when it was first introduced more than 75 years ago. It has been changed to a more environmentally version that is phosphate-free.

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